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NORTH LITTLE ROCK – I believe my rights end where other folk’s rights begin, and vice-versa.

A friend in Kentucky e-mailed a link to, which allows you to search for violent criminals who live in your area. A useful tool, even if ethically questionable; I think I think I’d like to know more. Did these people serve their time? Have they only been charged?

The information comes from documents available in the public domain. A link on the site goes to “Remove Your Name” and then proceeds to warn anyone questioning the information: “There are no mistakes in this site, and if you think there is, you’re probably the exact sort of criminal we all need to beware of.”

I’d like to believe the thing is mistake-free, but then I’ve seen “The Fugitive” and “Minority Report.”

And I read a scary comment on “Our Data Sources” link responding to the question of suggesting additions to the list:

“Yes you can! Just use our contact page, and we’ll get them added in a hot hurry. Usually we verify it, but usually we don’t have the needed time or resources to insure it is valid. Please use this tool with honesty and integrity.”

I boldfaced and italicized the exact words from the site. Is it me, or is this why vigilantes get a bad name?

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  1. Further inquiry into this Web site indicates it’s either a sham or not as precise as it could be. If you type in different street names in the same general area, you get different “felons” listed and none of the same name. It makes me wonder … Maybe somebody has an axe to grind?