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Around the South: Abortion Clinic, Culture Wars, Clemency Request

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Judge Allows Only Mississippi Abortion Clinic to Stay Open

3 Men Receive 5 Years for Videotaped Beating of Gay Man in Atlanta

Zimmerman Claims Judge Biased, Wants Him Replaced

Georgia Death Row Inmate Seeks Reprieve Due to Mental Disability


Tennessee Man Charged $85,000 for Tank of Gas

Missouri Man Still Working at 90

Oxford American Locks Out Employees at Campus Office

Woman Appeals to Reopen Alabama Abortion Clinic

Louisiana Child Abuse Hotline Logged More Than 114,000 Calls in First Year

LGBT Studies Program Stirs Controversy at University of Louisiana

Historic, Deteriorating Mississippi Bridge Blocked for Crossing

Southern Made: For the Bath


Education Group: Let Feds Take Back Georgia’s ‘Race to the Top’ Millions

Tennessee Senate to Hold Hearings on Grade Changes Made at Tennessee State University

Louisiana Voucher Scheme Fails to Attract Many Students

Mississippi State Hires Beekeeping Expert

Tennessee Law Boosts Science Standards

Most Louisiana Schools Need Technology Upgrade

Navy Doctor Fined for Letting His Children Handle Brain


Trade Dries Up Along with Mississippi River

Feds, Judge Give Everglades a Boost

Drought Stress on Tennessee Trees Deeper Than is Evident

Texas, Southern States Soaked by Storms

Federal Disaster Aid Likely Available to Parts of Central Virginia

Million Member Coalition Forms Behind Renewable Energy Agenda

Official: Georgia Holds Off on Medicaid Changes

Louisiana Cuts Medicaid Program to the Bone

Florida Health Officials Deny Cover-up in Tuberculosis Outbreak

6 More Cases of West Nile Virus Detected in Louisiana

Mississippi Insurance Chief to Build Health Exchange Despite Critics

Florida Hospital Starts Lung Transplant Program


Plot to Kill Obama Results in 15 Years in Federal Prison

Ex-Death Row Inmate Avoids Arkansas’ Death Penalty

South Carolina Sniper Plot: Men Arrested for Shooting at Random Citizens

West Virginia Woman Denies Abuse Charges Against Husband

Arkansas Inmates Treated for Drinking Bleach

Florida Supreme Court Upholds State’s Drug Laws

Judge in Alabama Halts Private Probation

Judge Overturns Louisiana Town’s Fortunetelling Ban

Prosecutor: Florida Teen Attacker Not Insane

Ex-Adoptive Tennessee Mother Must Pay Child Support

Georgia Man Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges in Alabama

Suspect in Arkansas Death Killed at Same Home

Missouri Correctional Officer Charged in Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Man Sucks Woman’s Toe at Georgia Walmart

Church Bus Crashes in Georgia with Minor Injuries

Flying Truck Parts Kill Boy on Atlanta Highway

North Carolina Authorities Suspend Search for Ohio Woman


Regulators Close Small Missouri Bank

Southeast Arkansas Gets 4-lane U.S. 65 after 24 Years

Georgia Power Warns of Bill Payment Scam

Louisiana Day Cares Violating Wage Laws

Tennessee Economy Among Most Improved in Annual CNBC Survey

Florida’s Business-Friendly Cred Marred by Tax Giveaways

Starbucks Breaks Ground for Georgia Plant

North Carolina Seeks Additional Data in Duke Energy Probe

Sweet Louisiana Oil Premium Widens to Largest Margin Since April

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Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Issue Needs Additional Signatures to Make Ballot

Drought Threatens to Darken Obama’s Reelection Prospects

Florida Voters Support Obama’s Immigration Policy

Presidential Politics Dominate Governors’ Conference

Medicaid Expansion Divides Governors Meeting

Mississippi Senators Sponsor Stolen Valor Act

Georgia Lawmakers Consider Lowering Alcohol Limit for Boaters

Virginia Governor: IRS Will Wield More Power Over Citizens

Georgia Lobbyist Influence Fought by Tea Party-Progressive Alliance

NRA Spends to Affect Tennessee House election

NRA Finds Some GOP Lawmakers Resistant to Gun Laws

Missouri Governor Signs Changes to Election Laws

Tennessee Ranks Among Highest States for Felon Disenfranchisement

Estimated 350,000 Virginia Felons Cannot Vote

Yellow Light Times Getting Standardized Across Missouri

Florida Voters May Get Say on Big, New Casinos


Florida Takes Prudent Path After Health Care Ruling

Florida Should Not Opt Out

Carolina on My Mind — Even Way Up in Nantucket