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Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: BP Oil Spill, Poverty, Capital Punishment

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Supreme Court Grants Stay of Execution

Poverty Rate Highest Since 1965, Southeast Kentucky May be Hardest Hit

Louisiana Coastal Director: BP Must Pay to the Max


92-year-old Crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home

Mississippi Gulf Coast Loyalty Card Starts Strong

Missouri Bishops Want Right to Pray Amendment

Honoring Harriet Tubman

Angola Preserves Prison History

26th Annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races Set for Saturday

Winchester Virginia Stake Survives Unprecedented Handcart Trek

2012 Mississippi Farmer of the Year Announced

Tennessee Walking Horse Group Announces First Swab Results

Illinois Mom Abandons Disabled Daughter in Tennessee Bar


Federal Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against Virginia Schools

Alabama Rejects No Child Left Behind Waiver

The Tennessee Story

Florida Gives Wrong Grades to Hundreds in Public Schools

Louisiana Sets Rules for Landmark School Voucher Program


Aurora Shooting Survivor May Still Attend University of Maryland

Tennessee Launches Effort to Turn Research into Products, Jobs

Missouri Press Supporters to Meet with UM Leaders

University Community’s Peaceful Revolution Grew Strength Online

Missouri Struggles to Find Funding for Higher Education


Maryland Native Killed in Afghanistan

Maryland Veteran Receives Easy Rest Adjustable Bed

One of Eight Trials Start for Soldiers in Hazing Death

Chinese Americans Leave New York for North Carolina Trial


South Carolina Wants Water Solution with Georgia

Florida Environmental Groups Sue over Algae Blooms

Study: Fish Fraud Rampant in Florida

Missouri Receives Disaster Designation, Federal Aid

Spill Report Cites Poor Safety Management

Uptick in Numbers Could Net Big Duck Season for Mississippi Hunters

Maryland Black Bear Lottery Opened


5 Virginia Hospital Systems Help Breastfeeding Effort

Alabama Health Care Hall of Fame to induct 12

Mississippi West Nile Cases Rise

Whooping Cough Cases Rise at Alarming Rate Nationwide and in Missouri

Georgia Man Sets Head on Fire for Bet


Reluctant Celebrity: America’s First Lady in Space

South Carolina Scientists Discover 79 New Species of Sharks

Scientists Drop Drifters into Gulf of Mexico to Study Small Currents

Missouri Keeps $4.75 Million Available for Entrepreneurs

Netapp to Expand in North Carolina, Create 460 Jobs in 4 Years


North Mississippi Powertrain Manufacturer to Add 50 Jobs

Maryland Loses Most Jobs in U.S. for First Half of 2012

Seven Virginia Mining Operations Celebrate Safety Milestones

Georgia Trucking Companies Can Escape Scrutiny

How Tennessee Lost Money on a House Sold to Steve Jobs

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Study: North Carolina, South Carolina Flunk Public Records

Kentucky Gov. Beshear Signs Order to Regulate Prescriptions

Virginia’s Trucking Industry: ‘No I-95 Tolls’

Maryland Receives $40 Million to Replace Bus Depot with Green Buildings

Missouri Bans Kansas Logo from License Plates

Report: Fewer Public Psychiatric Beds in Maryland, Virginia

North Carolina Property Insurance Reform Law Comes up Short

Alabama Public Television Executives Protest Firings in Open Letter to Gov. Bentley

North Carolina Passes Dental Legislation

Florida Strip Club Hires Palin Lookalike for GOP National Convention


Virginia’s Goode Could be Romney’s Undoing

Nelson Suspends Bid to Raise Arkansas Severance Tax

Debate for Virginia’s U.S. Senate Seat Marks Close Race in Swing State

‘Pants on Fire’: Candidate Claims Tennessee Makes Development Office ‘Sharia Compliant’

Poll: Georgia Voters Want Casinos to Expand HOPE Scholarships


Mafia-linked Inmate Pleads Guilty to Escape in Kentucky

Court Upholds Man’s Child Pornography Conviction

Florida Man Gets 30 Years for Sexually Abusing Girlfriend’s Children

Contempt Motion Dropped Against Kentucky Teenager

Two Beaten in Possible Hate Crime

Police Identify Suspect, Victim in Fatal Pine Bluff Shooting

Georgia Police Search for Grandmother, Boyfriend after Baby Ingests Cocaine

Florida Police Change Suspect’s Charges after Fatally Shooting Mistaken Suspect

Former Alabama Police Officer Arrested in Mississippi on Murder Charge

ACLU Urges Maryland to Ensure Right to Video Police


Florida in Danger of Purging Democracy

Tax Cuts for the Rich Don’t Lift the Economy

Higher Education Needs a Financing Overhaul

Tennessee’s Gateway Law Succeeds in Hindering Sex Ed

Maryland Doesn’t Hold Inmates in Solitary Confinement

Florida’s Ad Valorem Tax Stifles Growth


Higher Lottery Sales: Good for Education or Signs of Desperation?

here's hoping

here’s hoping by Robert S. Donovan, on Flickr

Lottery sales keep breaking records this summer: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Some states essentially made the lottery into an education lifeline, but not all of the money goes to education as shown in this South Carolina example. Missouri budgeted for an increase that did not occur. Ohio educators claim education does not receive the money it deserves. With that much money, is it any wonder crime occurs?

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