Eat More … Food

Judd Mann stands in front of Little Rock’s Chick-Fil-A on Markham Street Wednesday. He did not return Friday for National Same-Sex Kiss Day after getting his fill on hump day. (photo by Mickey Osborn)

MONTICELLO — If you didn’t pay attention to the last week’s chicken controversy, you obviously did not have time on your hands. Congratulations from everyone else tarred-and-feathered from the culture wars this last week.

Yet not everybody appreciates the further awakening of a food consciousness nearly as much as this woman:

“Food choices are intrinsically inseparable from politics; from values; from ethics. What we eat always reflects what we value, both as individuals and as members of a specific human society. Complex webs of cultural and political factors shape what foods we have the ability – and the desire – to choose.

… “But even beyond the obvious human rights issues underlying the Chick-fil-A conflict, there’s something else remarkable going on here that has zero to do with chicken, religion, or sex.”

I won’t completely ruin it for you, but I’d suggest stopping by Eat-Drink-Better to read the rest of this post from Tanya Sitton. If you recognize the name, that would be my wife. And the guy in the picture? That’s our good friend, Judd Mann, Chick-fil-A protestor and human rights advocate.

I leave you with a thought previously posted to my facebook account:

I would like everyone to treat everyone else fairly. I realize this wish is naive; so I will quit being angry at its futility.

I just expected more.