Around the South: Right to Pray, Mosque Opens, 12 of Toxic 20

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ACLU Challenges ‘Right to Pray’ Vote

Mosque Overcomes Hurdles, Opens

‘Toxic 20’ Air Pollution Rankings: Alabama, 14th | Florida, 6th | Georgia, 9th | Kentucky, 1st | Maryland, 19th | Mississippi, 17th | Missouri, 15th | North Carolina, 8th | South Carolina, 13th | Tennessee, 11th | Virginia, 12th | West Virginia, 5th


Drought: Challenges U.S. Clean Water Supply | Jeopardizes Georgia Pines | Worsens in Key Farm States | Low Mississippi River Halts Steamboat

This Week in the Civil War

Christian Appalachian Project Founder Dies

Burned Mosque Congregants to Hold Ramadan Service at Missouri Church

Agriculture Museum Repeals Anti-Gay Policy, Upsets Mississippi Politicians

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Takes on Maryland’s Gambling

Prosecutors Mistakenly Release Confidential Zimmerman Case Documents

Virginia Gang Member Sentenced to Prison for Teen Sex Trafficking

Teen South Carolinian Fulfills Grandfather’s Dying Wish

Georgia Cop Shoots Pit Bull Attacking Toddler


75% of Alabama Schools Make Adequate Progress

Georgia ‘Leaders’ Duck Duty to Fund Education

Academic Standards Change in Mississippi Schools

Louisiana Education Chief Withholds Voucher Records ‘to Avoid Confusion’

Teacher’s Body Found Near North Carolina Middle School


College Tuition Hike Hits Decade Low in Virginia

Missouri S&T Breaks Ground on Solar Home

Group Protests New Georgia University Name

2-Year College Chancellor Pool Narrows to 8 in Alabama

Missing Louisiana College Student Positively Identified


Veterans Receive Alabama Legislature’s Medal of Honor

39 Tennessee Guard Members Head to Afghanistan

Texarkana to Dedicate Bridge for 2 Fallen Soldiers

Anti-War Protestors Face More Charges in Weapons-Plant Breach

Vets Want Greater Oversight of Arkansas Dept. of Veterans Affairs


Campaign Seeks Ballot Issue to Protect Floridian Environmental Treasures

American Crocodiles Hatch, Thrive at South Carolinian Nuclear Power Plant

Law Removes Missouri Family’s Pet Raccoon

Sludge Reaches Far Western North Carolina Creek

Drilling Appeal Ends, Decision Nears for Mississippi Development Authority

Alabama Power Plants Release Fewer Toxins in 2010

North Carolina Agencies Agree on Narrow Emissions Exemption


Georgia’s Medical Programs Overspent Nearly $100 Million

West Virginia Plans Audit of Health Care Programs

Parents Urged to Apply for Subsidized Health Insurance for Floridian Children

West Virginian Anti-Obesity Mascot Getting Around the Nation

Fair Officials Make Changes in North Carolina after ’11 E. Coli Outbreak


Louisiana Probes Cause of Massive Bayou Sinkhole

NASA’s ‘Green’ Planetary Test Lander Crashes in Florida

Perseid Meteor Shower to Light Up Georgia’s Night Sky

Missourians Can File Claims in LCD Price-Fixing Settlement

Virginia Deputy Fights Termination over Facebook ‘Like’ | South Carolina Officer Sues for Reinstatement after Facebook Post


Virginia Farmers Stage Pitchfork Protest over Produce Sales, Birthday Party Permit Flap

Police Charge 2 in West Virginia Picket-Line Violence

CareSouth Expansion in Florida Means More Jobs in Georgia

West Virginia Lost 1,300 Coal Jobs in 2nd Quarter

Maryland Foreclosures Highest in America

Maryland Dairy Farmers Scoop Up Sweet Source of Income

Virginia Cafe Chain to Continue the Sweet Life

Fewer Floridians Take Food Stamps

Poll: D.C., West Virginia at Extremes of Economic Confidence

Florida Strip Clubs Expect Busy RNC Week

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Georgia AG to Speak at GOP National Convention

Maryland Panel Passes Gambling Bill

Regulators Review How to Help Poor Missouri Customers

South Carolina Faces Likely Suit, Loss over Increased Health Costs

Federal Cuts, Transportation Woes Threaten Maryland’s Budget

I-555 Completed in Northeast Arkansas, Awaits Access Roads for Naming

Maryland Senator Suggests Gun Training, Off-Limits Locations

Arkansas AG Sues Florida Telemarketers

Solar Tax Credit Price Tag Exceeds Louisiana Estimates

Missouri Prosecutor Seeks to Remove County Clerk for Nepotism


Secretary of State Spokesman’s Partisan Claims Rile Arkansas’ County Clerks

Federal Judge Blocks West Virginia PAC Contribution Limit

Florida Election-Law Challenge Receives Hearing

Board of Elections Finds 10,000 Dead Virginians on Voter Rolls

Florida Voter Purge Battle Intensifies

West Virginia Election Officials Ask Federal Courts to Delay Ruling on Public Finance Project

Gubernatorial Candidates Agree to 2 More North Carolina Debates

5 Missouri Primary Races Likely Eligible for Recount

Politifact Florida Checks Recent Campaign Attacks

Sharp County (Arkansas) Alcohol Sales Make November Ballot