UPDATE: Include 3rd Party Candidates!

MONTICELLO — You’ve seen the national conventions of the Democlicans and the Republicrats. Soon you will see them square off through your devil’s box, i.e. your computer or television.

But you deserve to know all of your choices. Which is why this campaign will change focus to support a petition drive from four different political bents united by a single purpose, i.e. including third-party candidates in the televised debates.

Citizens of the United States deserve to know their choices. An informed populace makes better decisions at the ballot box than one misinformed. If a candidate appears on two-thirds or more of the state ballots, s/he deserves equal airtime on the “PUBLIC” airwaves at the very least.


We believe knowledge gives power to the American voter. Therefore, we find it necessary to ask for that which should already be freely given in this 21st Century.

Whereas we are the free citizens of the United States,

Whereas we elect our president through the ballot instead of the bullet,

Whereas we can show the world democracy still exists in our Republic,

Let us therefore DEMAND all presidential candidates appearing on two-thirds of the United States ballots be available for voter inspection by including them in ALL televised debates.

America: Be Fair!

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