Loosing My Barbarian: Guns, Facebook and the Wearing Down of an Old Man

Aug24#30It’s been a hard weekend on the planet.

Feel like I’ve survived a 15-round bout. These days we don’t fight; we argue on the Internet.

Perhaps that’s civilization creeping up on us, i.e. we don’t “take people out” when we can just as easily — or perhaps more easily — destroy them through the Web. When heavy issues arrive, we’ve got passion in store, just waiting to be applied to the topic of the day.

I made the mistake of assuming I could talk about something as complicated as the Second Amendment in a social media forum, such as this one. What a dumbass, I am.

I lost a friend for a response. I made a spectacle for the spectators. I sounded like a banty rooster talking about things no one wants to discuss until it’s too late to discuss them again. I got offended; it’s kind of hard to offend me, but I got offended.

What am I doing putting myself in such situations? Who pissed in my Cheerios?

I complained that no matter the laws people want to institute, it wouldn’t have stopped what happened this weekend. I was too stupid to realize that no matter my complaints, it won’t change folks’ minds … and still wouldn’t have prevented this weekend’s atrocity.