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We’ve steadily ceded our freedom as we age; people are more worried about their new hand-held devil’s box.

I’m trying not to believe we don’t know any other way than to fight and line the pockets of those who make money from war … but the numbers suggest we know little else. If we don’t have an enemy, we make one up just to keep peace at bay.

I don’t agree with the suggestion that the US is the No. 1 enemy to peace, but if we need an enemy and cannot find one, the freedoms of the populace become a convenient target. If focused on the boogeyman, it sure seems a lot easier to take away those freedoms bit by bit so as we don’t even realize until they’re gone.

But it cannot be obvious … we can surely find a foe. Still, how many more homeless veterans do we need? How many more innocents shall we kill with drones (90% – j/s) to drive families to despair and refresh the ranks of our next enemy?

Instead, it’s easier to return to perspective by the second. One can almost numb the reality by watching the lives tick by like sand. Not as depressing … novocaine for the brain.

We’ll always have those willing to send others to die to preserve the freedoms they never planned to share in the first place. History, i.e. his story a.k.a. the story framed by the ‘winner’ so it doesn’t seem as callous and conniving.

November 20, 2015. Category: Concerns.

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