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We’ve steadily ceded our freedom as we age; people are more worried about their new hand-held devil’s box.

I’m trying not to believe we don’t know any other way than to fight and line the pockets of those who make money from war … but the numbers suggest we know little else. If we don’t have an enemy, we make one up just to keep peace at bay.

I don’t agree with the suggestion that the US is the No. 1 enemy to peace, but if we need an enemy and cannot find one, the freedoms of the populace become a convenient target. If focused on the boogeyman, it sure seems a lot easier to take away those freedoms bit by bit so as we don’t even realize until they’re gone.

But it cannot be obvious … we can surely find a foe. Still, how many more homeless veterans do we need? How many more innocents shall we kill with drones (90% – j/s) to drive families to despair and refresh the ranks of our next enemy?

Instead, it’s easier to return to perspective by the second. One can almost numb the reality by watching the lives tick by like sand. Not as depressing … novocaine for the brain.

We’ll always have those willing to send others to die to preserve the freedoms they never planned to share in the first place. History, i.e. his story a.k.a. the story framed by the ‘winner’ so it doesn’t seem as callous and conniving.

Lawyers, Guns and Money?

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"Needs Coffee" by Tattau
“Needs Coffee”
by Tattau

NORTH LITTLE ROCK — If you didn’t notice the hubbub following the Arizona shootings, you must live in a cave (Hello Mr. bin Laden!). [No, really Mr. NSA/DOJ/FBI/CIA … I meant that as a joke! Really!!] I digress.

Hank Williams Jr. reminds me the shyt will hit the fan whenever discussing this but I cannot help myself. I’ll only pause for a little shameless self-promotion:


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And now back to the regularly scheduled programming …

Walking into the living room before they brought Leroy home, I immediately noticed my shotguns laying across the chair. Someone went diggin’ to get those out. I saw them last when they went into the gun case as I had no place to keep them in an apartment upon returning to Arkansas.

We grew up in a small arsenal. Dad kept weapons from the bedroom to the bookshelf. Before he installed a security system and bought a gun safe, he would meticulously scan every inch of the house before leaving, checking every window latch, every door lock, every hideaway.

I thought it odd until the day the .38 came up missing.

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Government Provides Incentive to Quit

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“Needs Coffee”
by Tattau

NORTH LITTLE ROCK — As we get older and look at our meager earnings/savings compared to the time investments in our careers, government and taxes provide easy targets to those looking to blame someone for their fate (myself included).

“If only they’d let me get paid an honest day’s wages for all of the work I’m doing!” the familiar cry rings. “How can they keep taking things from me when I don’t have anything to give? If the government would just get out of my business, everything would be better.”

Yet when complaints against government annually pop up, I often wonder what folks would do without the government providing roads for commerce, public safety personnel and a judicial process rather than mob rule. In some ways it reminds me of the Albert King tune with the verse, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”Read more: Government Provides Incentive to Quit


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Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.
Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.
Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.

100 mile commute to Monticello from Little Rock

$35 to fill the Prius before leaving (compared to $54 to fill the Chevy S10 two days ago)

55-58 mph on the interstate and state highway driving down

60.9 mpg for the trip … phuck MasterCard. 😉

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Tracking the felons

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK – I believe my rights end where other folk’s rights begin, and vice-versa.

A friend in Kentucky e-mailed a link to, which allows you to search for violent criminals who live in your area. A useful tool, even if ethically questionable; I think I think I’d like to know more. Did these people serve their time? Have they only been charged?

The information comes from documents available in the public domain. A link on the site goes to “Remove Your Name” and then proceeds to warn anyone questioning the information: “There are no mistakes in this site, and if you think there is, you’re probably the exact sort of criminal we all need to beware of.”

I’d like to believe the thing is mistake-free, but then I’ve seen “The Fugitive” and “Minority Report.”

And I read a scary comment on “Our Data Sources” link responding to the question of suggesting additions to the list:

“Yes you can! Just use our contact page, and we’ll get them added in a hot hurry. Usually we verify it, but usually we don’t have the needed time or resources to insure it is valid. Please use this tool with honesty and integrity.”

I boldfaced and italicized the exact words from the site. Is it me, or is this why vigilantes get a bad name?


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On a Forever Loop

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK — Bet you thought this would be about Nader. Psyche.

Actually, I just took a “How Green is your laundry?” quiz and found out we’re classified as “Muddy Waters – fewer than 60 points (43 of 100).” I like the blues and all, but I want to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

I don’t have money for a new Energy Star washer, but I guess I could cut down on washing the overalls to once every two weeks and start hanging everything out to dry … who knew Mama was going green with her clotheslines? But it’s going to take some getting use to sorting before drying.

It got me thinking about my carbon footprint, which is not something I do on a daily basis, but something that bugs me like oil stains on the carport, i.e. just enough to scratch the scalp. I’ve checked my energy impact against the carbon calculator, and even thought about buying an Urban Scooter: gas-powered for $430 (still a good deal) or electric for $1,100.

I also joined Carbonrally, which provides simple actions anyone can take to decrease their carbon footprint. It sounds almost corny, but you can team up against each other to see if your community will do more to decrease its footprint. Anybody game?

Last week I officiated my godson’s funeral. His friends made a facebook group (RIP Lance Polk) for him. I appreciate all the prayers and good will sent my way. It helped me get through a tough, weird spot. This morning, Lance’s ashes went down the river, in essence recycling him. I think I want to have my organs harvested, then cremate the body afterwards. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate Green?