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Good Times with Assault Weapons

Perpetual Notions
by Ronald Sitton

Sharpshooters set up targets at 200 yards at Camp Robinson's shooting range.

Sharpshooters set up targets at 200 yards at Camp Robinson

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 4) — During Spring Break, I took the pleasure of spending an afternoon shooting assault weapons with old friends. Seeing how I seldom do this anymore, it made an impression on me.

I called Micah, hoping to figure out something to do since I was stuck in procrastination nation doing little but updating Web pages and loading old photos onto “crack-book.” Micah told me he wanted to shoot his M-4 variant, which he recently built with Poguey’s assistance. I haven’t been target shooting in nearly 15 years, but Micah said he could get us on Camp Robinson to shoot.

It’s been over a decade since I have driven around on the base that sits behind Burns Park. Since then, they’ve restricted access to the base, especially since 9-11. I thought it’d be interesting to see it at least, plus I know there’s no better way to catch up with my brothers-by-other-mothers than to engage in one of their favorite hobbies. Continue reading