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Around the South: BP Oil Spill, Poverty, Capital Punishment

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Supreme Court Grants Stay of Execution

Poverty Rate Highest Since 1965, Southeast Kentucky May be Hardest Hit

Louisiana Coastal Director: BP Must Pay to the Max


92-year-old Crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home

Mississippi Gulf Coast Loyalty Card Starts Strong

Missouri Bishops Want Right to Pray Amendment

Honoring Harriet Tubman

Angola Preserves Prison History

26th Annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races Set for Saturday

Winchester Virginia Stake Survives Unprecedented Handcart Trek

2012 Mississippi Farmer of the Year Announced

Tennessee Walking Horse Group Announces First Swab Results

Illinois Mom Abandons Disabled Daughter in Tennessee Bar


Federal Civil Rights Complaint Filed Against Virginia Schools

Alabama Rejects No Child Left Behind Waiver

The Tennessee Story

Florida Gives Wrong Grades to Hundreds in Public Schools

Louisiana Sets Rules for Landmark School Voucher Program


Aurora Shooting Survivor May Still Attend University of Maryland

Tennessee Launches Effort to Turn Research into Products, Jobs

Missouri Press Supporters to Meet with UM Leaders

University Community’s Peaceful Revolution Grew Strength Online

Missouri Struggles to Find Funding for Higher Education


Maryland Native Killed in Afghanistan

Maryland Veteran Receives Easy Rest Adjustable Bed

One of Eight Trials Start for Soldiers in Hazing Death

Chinese Americans Leave New York for North Carolina Trial


South Carolina Wants Water Solution with Georgia

Florida Environmental Groups Sue over Algae Blooms

Study: Fish Fraud Rampant in Florida

Missouri Receives Disaster Designation, Federal Aid

Spill Report Cites Poor Safety Management

Uptick in Numbers Could Net Big Duck Season for Mississippi Hunters

Maryland Black Bear Lottery Opened


5 Virginia Hospital Systems Help Breastfeeding Effort

Alabama Health Care Hall of Fame to induct 12

Mississippi West Nile Cases Rise

Whooping Cough Cases Rise at Alarming Rate Nationwide and in Missouri

Georgia Man Sets Head on Fire for Bet


Reluctant Celebrity: America’s First Lady in Space

South Carolina Scientists Discover 79 New Species of Sharks

Scientists Drop Drifters into Gulf of Mexico to Study Small Currents

Missouri Keeps $4.75 Million Available for Entrepreneurs

Netapp to Expand in North Carolina, Create 460 Jobs in 4 Years


North Mississippi Powertrain Manufacturer to Add 50 Jobs

Maryland Loses Most Jobs in U.S. for First Half of 2012

Seven Virginia Mining Operations Celebrate Safety Milestones

Georgia Trucking Companies Can Escape Scrutiny

How Tennessee Lost Money on a House Sold to Steve Jobs

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Study: North Carolina, South Carolina Flunk Public Records

Kentucky Gov. Beshear Signs Order to Regulate Prescriptions

Virginia’s Trucking Industry: ‘No I-95 Tolls’

Maryland Receives $40 Million to Replace Bus Depot with Green Buildings

Missouri Bans Kansas Logo from License Plates

Report: Fewer Public Psychiatric Beds in Maryland, Virginia

North Carolina Property Insurance Reform Law Comes up Short

Alabama Public Television Executives Protest Firings in Open Letter to Gov. Bentley

North Carolina Passes Dental Legislation

Florida Strip Club Hires Palin Lookalike for GOP National Convention


Virginia’s Goode Could be Romney’s Undoing

Nelson Suspends Bid to Raise Arkansas Severance Tax

Debate for Virginia’s U.S. Senate Seat Marks Close Race in Swing State

‘Pants on Fire’: Candidate Claims Tennessee Makes Development Office ‘Sharia Compliant’

Poll: Georgia Voters Want Casinos to Expand HOPE Scholarships


Mafia-linked Inmate Pleads Guilty to Escape in Kentucky

Court Upholds Man’s Child Pornography Conviction

Florida Man Gets 30 Years for Sexually Abusing Girlfriend’s Children

Contempt Motion Dropped Against Kentucky Teenager

Two Beaten in Possible Hate Crime

Police Identify Suspect, Victim in Fatal Pine Bluff Shooting

Georgia Police Search for Grandmother, Boyfriend after Baby Ingests Cocaine

Florida Police Change Suspect’s Charges after Fatally Shooting Mistaken Suspect

Former Alabama Police Officer Arrested in Mississippi on Murder Charge

ACLU Urges Maryland to Ensure Right to Video Police


Florida in Danger of Purging Democracy

Tax Cuts for the Rich Don’t Lift the Economy

Higher Education Needs a Financing Overhaul

Tennessee’s Gateway Law Succeeds in Hindering Sex Ed

Maryland Doesn’t Hold Inmates in Solitary Confinement

Florida’s Ad Valorem Tax Stifles Growth

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Around the South: Gun Control, Poverty, Capital Punishment

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Georgia to Execute Mentally Handicapped Man Monday

U.S. Poverty on Track to Rise to Highest Since 1960s

Victory for Gun Control in Georgia Dwarfed by Reality in Aurora


Missouri Teen Starts Project to Help Colorado Shooting Victims

Episcopal Bishop Says Yes to Same-Sex Blessings, but Not in Alabama

Could Gambling Doom Maryland’s Marriage Equality Law?

Mississippi’s United Methodists Appoint First-Ever Black Bishop

Tennessee Mosque Ruling Wins Praise from Muslims

Alabama Tornadoes: Storm-Scarred Area Healing, but Long Way to Go

Tennessee Couple Holds Wedding … in Hospital

Southern Scrumptious Products Now Available for Purchase

North Carolinian Wins Annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest in Key West


South Carolina Education Lottery: Where Does Your Dollar Go?

North Carolina Program Aims to Get Fresh Produce into Schools

Virginia Seeks Plan after No Child Waiver

At Georgia Conference, an All-Out Assault on Zero-Tolerance

Dropout Rates Won’t Factor in Mississippi School Ratings


U.S. News Ranks West Virginia University Hospitals Tops in State

Kentucky Wesleyan Students Research How Veterans Readjust to Civilian Life

Georgia Graduate Students Test Effect of Power Plant on Town

Tennessee Volunteers Build, Dedicate House to Local Family

Tough Times for Colleges — and College Towns


Florida Bird May Soon be Extinct

10 States to Intervene in Lawsuit Against EPA

Missouri Avoided Superfund, Taxpayers Get the Bill

Some Burn Bans Dropped as Above-Normal Rains Ease Mississippi Drought

Missouri, Kansas Farmers Cope with Worst Drought in 50 Years

‘Mighty Mississippi’ Less Mighty After Drought Drains Levels

More Alabama Women Learn Hunting, Fishing Skills


Southern Maryland Hospital Center to Notify Patients of Possible Hepatitis-C Exposure

Group Marches in D.C. ahead of AIDS Conference

D.C. has ‘Come a Long Way’ in Fight Against HIV

AIDS Conference Occurs at Key Turning Point

West Nile Update: Texas, Louisiana Record More Cases


Study: BP Oil Spill Key Ingredient in Dolphin Deaths

Experts: Some Fracking Critics Use Bad Science

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

Wallops Island Launch Delayed Until Monday

DWI Tracking System Idea Gains Steam in Louisiana


Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Changes Go into Effect

In Northwest Louisiana, Glut of Natural Gas Puts Brakes on Economy

Florida Keys’ Booming Tourism Leads to Low Unemployment

North Carolina Probe of Duke Energy Merger Continues

Bankers Planning to Buy Up Florida Banks Find Slim Pickings

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Three-fourths Vote for Arkansas Medicaid Expansion Far from Easy

Medicaid Expansion Estimates Vary

Alabama Weighs Costs, Benefits of Medicaid Expansion under Affordable Care Act

Florida Democrats Seek to Limit GOP Cash

Looking at Immigration Laws in Alabama, Arizona

Virginia Wants Arizona Immigration Law, but Already Has One

Mississippi Mulls Child-Care Center Rules

Alabama Ranks Second in U.S. for Women Murdered in Domestic Violence

Louisiana Tax Exemptions Need Thorough Review — Public Affairs Research Council

Georgia Approves Online Lottery Sales


Voter ID Could Hurt 48,000 in Mississippi

Arkansas AG: Reject Challenge to Casino Proposal

Sharp Exchanges Punctuate First Debate for Virginia’s U.S. Senate Seat

Ambiguity Restored to Missouri Campaign Finance Reports

Nearly 60 Candidates for Georgia’s General Assembly have Owed Taxes, Faced Liens


90-year-old North Carolina Prisoner Dies

Decades After Slaying, Mississippi Family Seeks Justice

Louisiana Woman Falls to Death from Hotel Balcony

Florida Child Care Worker Arrested for Sexual Battery

Georgia Pot Farm, Cop’s Pants End Up in Flames

Kentucky Teen Faces Charges for Tweeting Sexual Attackers’ Names

Still No Word on Missing Mississippi Man

Thief Steals from Girl with Special Needs

Grant to Help Homeless East Tennessee Veterans

Court Martial Set in North Carolina after Private’s Suicide

Louisiana Sailor Dies in Oman Helicopter Crash


Continuity, Change in Southern Race Game

Louisiana’s Beach Problem Doesn’t Start on Coast

Environment on the Altar

South Carolina Cannot Afford to Reject Expanding Medicaid Program

For Many Maryland Juveniles, Parole is Out of Reach

Educational Opportunity Good for All

Atlanta’s Higher Education Brand Broader than Just Research Universities

Southeast Louisiana Hospital’s Closure Will Have Lasting Impact

Elect Missouri Lawmakers Who Will Challenge the Status Quo

A Carolina Shrine to Liberty

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: Smoking Ban, Capital Punishment, Turtle Escape

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Georgia’s Execution of Mentally Disabled Man Set for Monday

Georgia’s Doctors and the Ethics of Execution

Atlanta Curbs Smoking, Part of Southern Wave of Bans


Plans for Missouri Horse Slaughter Facility Fail

Alabama Man Fights to Keep Wife Buried in Front Yard

Southern Hospitality: Chinese Professors Study English, American Culture

Muslims in South Florida Include Growing Number of Hispanics

Judge Nearly Stopped Tennessee Mosque Construction

Alabama Pasture a Future Pilgrimage Site?

Journalist’s Work Added Greatly to Understanding Arkansas History, Culture

Louisiana Lockdown Finale ‘After Midnight’ Features a Prison Rodeo


Ft. Smith Superintendent Takes Reins of National Education Group

Louisiana Names 2013 Teacher of the Year

Georgia’s Education Department Freezes Funds over Federal Meals Program

Alabama’s AG, Board of Education File Suit Against Birmingham Board of Education

Mississippi Granted Flexibility from Education Law


Three Good Ideas from Senate Committee Hearing on College Affordability

Feds: Sub-Prime-Style Lenders Burying College Students in Mountains of Debt

Higher One to Pay Fine for Fees Charged to College Students

What Can We Learn from the University of Virginia?

Public Universities Feel U.S. Recession


1,600 Turtles Escape from Georgia Farm

North Carolina Turtle Surgery: Endangered Animal Undergoes Risky Procedure

Maryland’s Bear Numbers Grow

Farmers’ Hopes Wither: Heat, Drought Spell Disaster for Tennessee Corn Crop

North Carolina Activists Dissatisfied with Alcoa’s PCB Plan

Documents Reveal Details of Lejeune’s Toxic Water

New Jersey Still Targeting South Carolina Garbage Dump for Nuclear Waste Disposal


World’s Largest AIDS Conference Convenes Sunday

Maryland Health Officials Look into Possible Hepatitis-C Exposure

CDC: Whooping Cough Cases May be Most in 5 Decades

Rights Group Accuses Police of Using Condom Count to Target Prostitutes

Consuming Vitamin E Lowers Chance of Liver Cancer


Study: BP Spill, Cold Water Tied to Dolphin Deaths

Florida Congressmen Scuba Dive to Undersea Lab Imperiled by Funding Cuts

Smaller Than Earth, New Planet Found Orbiting Distant Star


Regulators Close 4 Banks in Georgia, Florida, Kansas: 37 U.S. Bank Failures in 2012

Glimmers of Growth on Florida’s Space Coast after Shuttle Shutdown

Florida Tops in Construction Job Losses

North Carolina Provides Test Market for Walmart Express Stores

Chemical Company Expands in Helena-West Helena Operations

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Florida Could See Federal Food Aid Slashed

Kentucky Switches to 1-Drug Executions

New Mississippi Legislative Districts Submitted to DOJ

Missouri’s Bishops Come Together to Support ‘Right-to-Pray’ Amendment

Virginia Senate Race Hits Debate Stage

Democratic Legislators Claim Alabama Can’t Afford Special Session

Virginia Looks Pretty Good in Bad-News Study of State Budgets

North Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates Differ on ‘Culture of Corruption’

More Gambling is Not the Answer for Maryland

Georgia Begins Online Lottery Sales This Fall


Alabama County Files Cert Petition at U.S. Supreme Court in Voting Rights Act Case

Early Voting Gathers Steam in Tennessee

1 of 2 Challenges to Casino Proposal Rejected

Arkansas Allows Todd Casino Proposal to Proceed


Virginia Man Sentenced for Spying for Syrian Government

Maryland Public Defender Argues Against Supreme Court Intervention in DNA Case

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Georgia’s Firearm Ban in Places of Worship

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies Doctor’s Bail Request

Louisiana’s Most Wanted Man Arrested

Maryland Speeding Ticket Statistics Complicate Myth of 10 mph Cushion

Cold Cases Checked after Louisiana Sex Offender Indicted in 2 Killings

Florida Man Killed in Police Mix-Up

Alabama Air National Guard Under Investigation

Army Soldier with Maryland Ties Killed Serving in Afghanistan


Dispersants Could Have Caused Dolphin Deaths

Mississippi Universities Ready to Help RESTORE the Gulf

Blame Louisiana, New Orleans’ Voters for Well-Deserved ‘Corrupt’ Labels

Higher Education Administration Needs Overhaul

Justice for Abuse Victims at Penn State and in Kentucky

Why the Internet Isn’t the Solution to America’s Academic Crisis

Revitalize Our Coast, Ensure Our Survival

Good Job on Highways, Congress

Colorado Rampage Leaves Us Wondering “Why?”

Was Boy Scouts Founder Gay? Author Says yes


Around the South: Missouri Press, Capital Punishment, Culture Wars

Georgia Delays Execution Amid Drug Protocol Change

Bees Make a Living on Early Honey Store

Plan to Close University of Missouri Press Stirs Anger


Virginia’s Anti-Gay Adoption Law Takes Effect

Eagle Scout Axed as Summer Camp Officer for Being Gay

Mississippi Tries to Hide Lesbian Again

Louisiana Gay Dad has No Legal Rights when Ex-Partner Leaves State with Boy

More Issues Getting Georgia Driver’s License, Especially for Women

‘Pray for Rain:’ Mississippi River at Severe Lows

Broken Promises: New Mississippi Laws Testify to Society’s Respect for Marriage

Alabama’s Virgin Mary Shrine: Next Catholic Pilgrimage Site?

Friendliest City Title Goes to Kentucky Town

Southern Living Introduces First SEC Tailgating Cookbook

Southern Culinary Icon Speaks in Athens

‘American Versailles’ = Temple of Excess

Arkansas Woman Wins $1 Million After Re-Entering Lotto Ticket

Maryland Line Yard Blooms with 420 Daylilly Varieties

New Civil War Marker Unveiled in Northwest Arkansas


Missouri Book Challenges Run Gamut in Rationale, Results

Tennessee Condom Lesson Spurs Ban on Promoting Sex Acts

Maryland Student Achievement Bests Nation

Can Georgia Learn from Tennessee’s Review of New Teacher Evaluations?

Is Louisiana the Future of Georgia’s Education System?

Maryland Leaders Team Up to Support Dream Act

Florida Colleges Plan to Lead Nation in Graduation Rates

Maryland’s Tech Education Effort Does Not Compute

Most Virginians Approve of UVA’s Reinstatement of President

University of Alabama-Birmingham Study Focuses on Breakfast Choice, Burning Fat

Residents Voice Concerns Over Release of GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys

Florida Scientists Study Sharks’ Health after Catch ‘n’ Release


Florida Fish & Wildlife Seeks Input from Saltwater Fishermen

U.S., Tennessee in Clean Water Pact with Chattanooga over Sewage

Arkansas Receives Drought Designation, Waits for Programs

Missouri Drought Declared Natural Disaster

Missouri Fire Risk Labeled Worst in Nation

Saharan Dust Changes South Florida Skies

Mississippi River Trail Designated Part of National System

South Carolina’s Rural Energy Efficiency Effort Goes National

Five Added to Heat Death Toll

West Nile Virus Outbreak Expands in South Georgia

Once Focus of Health Law, Those in Poverty May be Left Out

Florida Family Enmeshed in Needle-in-Food Crisis

South Carolina Mother Leaves Hospital after Flesh-Eating Disease

Maryland to Use $18 Million from Alcohol Tax for Expanding Health Program

Governor’s Executive Order Creates Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange

2 Mississippi Mayors Promote Healthy Living with Michelle Obama

2 North Carolina Quarter Horses Euthanized for EEE


Maryland Wildfire Crew Members Save Woman’s Life While on Assignment

SPLC Opposes Dismissing Birmingham Police from Pepper Spray Lawsuit

Alabama Lawmaker, Businessman, Lobbyist Sentenced in Bingo Corruption Scandal

Alabama’s Attorney General’s Office Involved in Ongoing Corruption Investigation

Missouri Sisters Slain in Meth-Fueled Double Murder

Kentucky Widow Revives 1991 Cold Case

Convicted Florida Killer Suspected in Massachusetts Cold Case

Maryland Man Accused of Raping Student Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges

Escaped Louisiana Inmate Drives Unmarked Police Car 1,800 Miles

Man Injures 17 in Alabama Bar Shooting

Elderly Floridian Shoots Cafe Robbers, Unlikely to Face Charges

Suspect in Michigan Sisters’ Slayings Found Dead in West Virginia Cabin

3 North Carolina Men Charged with Illegally Possessing Elk Antlers

West Tennessee Pastor Arrested in California

Bomb Threat Unfounded at Georgia Military College

$1.4 Million Set Aside for Louisiana Homeless Veterans


U.S. Builders Start Most New Homes Since October ’08

Florida Privatizes Prison Healthcare

Court Reinstates Wrongful Termination Claim Against Mississippi Utility

South Florida Provides Hub for Hispanic-Owned Businesses

Florida Jobless Rate Falls as Workers Drop Out

Arkansas Rice Farmers Sue RiceTec over ‘Defective’ Hybrid Rice

Arkansas Corn Crop Looks Good, Harvest Will Tell

Maryland vs. Virginia: Tax Returns

Verizon Reaffirms Commitment to Maryland’s Minority Business Enterprises

Coalition Offers Vision for Gulf Restoration

Florida Utility Officials Call Duke’s Rogers to Testify

Duke Energy Asks North Carolina to Postpone July 20 Hearing

Virginia Eagle Distributing Saves Money by Going Green

Southern Tide Expands Apparel Collection with Flipjacks

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Tennessee Tea Partiers Want Governor to Stop Employing Muslims, Gays, Democrats

Georgia Switches to Single-Drug Method for Executions

Another Abortion Showdown in Virginia

Georgia Officials Seek Access to Immigration Database

Florida Voter Purge Fight Isn’t Over

Florida’s Economy, Unemployment Face Uphill Battle

Tennessee Republican Upset at NRA Ambush of GOP Members Against ‘Safe Commute’ Bill

Arkansas Congressmen Fight to Repeal Affordable Health Care Act, Protect Their Health Care Plans

DHS: Arkansas’ Savings Would Exceed Medicaid Expansion Costs

Florida Counties’ Medicaid Bills Slashed

Moody’s: Louisiana Medicaid Cut is ‘Credit Negative’

Cuccinelli: Virginia Should Opt Out of Medicaid Expansion

Louisiana Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit Records Withheld

Alabama Solicitor General Explains Philosophies Behind Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

South Florida Lawmakers Slam Citizens Board for Increasing Insurance Rates

Louisiana Alcohol Control Agency Will Hire More Enforcers for New Orleans

North Carolina’s Perdue Signs 11 Bills into Law

Scott: Florida State Agencies Should Prepare for 5 Percent Cut

South Carolina House Overrides Haley’s Vetoes

Arkansas Legislature Grazes Surface of State Favoritism

North Carolina Democrats Drop Bank of America’s Name from Convention Center

Conservatives Divided in Missouri, Wisconsin

Maryland’s Casino Foes Become Friends

Battles for Congress Brew in Georgia

North Carolina Voters Pick GOP Candidates for U.S. House

South Carolina Could have 43 Legislative Petition Candidates

Mississippi Republican Watchlist

Obama Camp Hunts for Foreclosed Florida Voters

No Longer a Referendum on Obama


North Carolina Continues to Struggle with Racial Bias in Jury Selection

As More Georgia Banks Fail, Does Anyone Care?

The Truth Will Always Win Out

Romney Cabinet No Place for Jindal

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: Low Mississippi, Clemency Denial, OA Dismissals

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Georgia Pardons Board Rejects Death Row Inmate’s Clemency Request

Mississippi River So Low, Cargo Barges Run Aground

FDA Approves 1st Pill to Help Prevent HIV


Oxford American’s Founder, Managing Editor Fighting Dismissal

How Did Ex-Slave’s Letter to Master Come to Be?

Mississippi Museum to Lesbian Couple: You’re Not Welcome Here

Eagle Scout Loses Job After Coming Out

Organizers: Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championship Festival Still Scheduled

Historic North Carolina Mountain Lodge Reborn

Southern Gardening: Sweet Potato Vine Adds Unique Colors

‘Hands On Mississippi’ Brings Hundreds of Volunteers to Coast

Florida Couple Builds ‘American Versailles’

Millions Spent on Upkeep of Empty Katrina Lots


Maryland, Southern States Do Well in NAEP Study

Virginia Places 10th in Harvard Study

Kentucky Announces Principal of the Year

Tennessee DOE Releases Teacher Evaluations to Lawmakers

Program Helps Blind Students Learn Life Skills

North Carolina Lottery an Education Lifeline, Not a Jackpot

Tennessee Lottery Hits Record-Shattering Totals

Florida A&M President Resignation Follows Hazing Incident

After Outcry, University of Missouri Presents New Plan for Press

Kentucky Lawmakers Divert Millions from Student Aid as Poor Students Turned Away

South Georgia Tech Offers Free Books

Has North Carolina’s IT Hiring Peaked? Not Likely

Oxitec Wants to Release Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes into Florida Keys


Outer Banks’ Restrictions Irk Visitors, Residents

Virginia Beach Teachers Tour Newly Preserved Land

Kentucky Opens 2,500-Acre Wildlife Management Area in Scott

Saltwater Wedge Moving Up the Mississippi River

Arkansas AG Seeks to Intervene in EPA Lawsuit

Alabama Scenic River Trail Among 3 Receiving National Recognition

Drought Hits Missouri Farmers Hard

Farmer: Arkansas Drought Turns Cattle Ranch into ‘Desert’

Restore Act: Fines Could Favor Louisiana

Mississippi Schools Join Fight to Prevent Obesity

Northeast Georgia Health System Participates in $20.75 Million Grant

No Clear Path for Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Smoking Outlawed at All University of Maryland Campuses

Female Lung Cancer Deaths Increase in Tennessee

4 Cases of West Nile Virus Reported in Mississippi

Virginia AG Won’t Certify Abortion Clinic Rules

Florida Surgeon General: ‘Our Community Is Not at Risk for Tuberculosis’

Chapter President Tapped to Lead Tennessee Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance


Convicted Alabama Church Arsonist to Get Early Release from State Prison

Louisiana Escapee Fights Extradition from Maine

Florida Teen Convicted in Middle School Beating Case

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Diabetes-Care Products

Tennessee Man Sentenced for Selling Fake Federal Documents

Alabama Casino Developer, 2 Others Receive Prison Terms

Alabama Judge Grants Bond for 3 of 4 Devil’s Disciples Gang Members

Arkansas Sheriff: Teen Murder Suspect Found Hanging

Investigators Follow Secret Money from West Virginia Hilltop to Hong Kong

Southeast Missouri Woman Accused of Hitting Toddler Son with Skillet

Louisiana Teen Driving Tractor Trailer Hits, Kills 2 Women Changing Tire in Colorado

North Carolina Police Confirm Body is Ohio Mom

Man Charged with Murder of Missing Missouri Sisters

Tennessee Tattoo Artist Arrested for Allegedly Decapitating Adoptive Father

North Carolina Man Kills Stepdad, Stabs Mom in Car Dispute

Arrested Man Shares Name with NC Murder Suspect

Florida Woman Claims Zimmerman Molester Her as a Child

Woman Arrested in Alabama for Apparent Love Triangle Shooting in Lakeland

Reserve Couple Accused in Murder of Young Son Return to Louisiana


Arkansas in Bottom Three for Household Income

Dredge Built in Louisiana Will Create Jobs, Help Coast

New Health Care Law to Create 27,000 Jobs in Maryland

Former Northeast Mississippi Power Worker’s Wrongful Firing Case Reinstated

Arkansas Rice Farmers Sue Company over ‘Defective’ Hybrid Rice

Louisiana Produce Growers Organize New Marketing Group

Stalled Negotiations Threaten Kentucky Aluminum Smelter’s Future

Maryland, DC Manufacturing Jobs Decline 2.3% Over Past Year

Private Prison Company May Take Over Virginia Sex Offender Center

GlaxoSmithKline to Buy Maryland-based Company for $3 Billion

Companies Establish Urgent Health Care Centers in Middle Tennessee

Middle Georgia Electric Cooperatives Free From Coal-Fired Power Plant Investment

Mobile Hopes for Industry Explosion Similar to Mississippi Town

Tennessee Ranks No. 1 in Automotive Manufacturing Strength for Third Consecutive Year

Manufacturing Lags in Georgia, U.S., but One Good Sign

Southern Opportunity: a Christian, Southern Business Concept

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Alabama Ranked Fourth in U.S. for Municipal Bankruptcies

Kentucky Governor Creates Panel to Review Child Fatality

Maryland Pension Board Faces Tough Call

Alabama GOP Committee Rejects Complaint over District Judge Nomination

Casino Owner Pleads Case in Email to Maryland Governor, Legislators

Pending North Carolina Toll Projects Hit a Roadblock

Greener Grades for Maryland Legislators Despite Party Split

Obama, Beshear Discuss North Kentucky Bridge Project

Presidential Candidates Court Latino Voters

Republicans Charge Obama ‘War on Coal’ in Virginia

Red Palmetto Survey: Economy, Obama Will Win SC, US for Romney

Florida Voters Favor Obama’s Immigration Policies

Alabama Voters Back Romney

Romney Raises $2 Million at Louisiana Lunch, Says Obama’s Policies Stink

South Carolina Petition Candidates Rise Up

Florida Tackles Voter Fraud

Groups Educate Voters about Virginia Voter ID Law

North Carolina Candidates Remind Voters about Primary

Arkansas Democrats Running for Congress Lag in Money

Arkansas Election Officials Asked to Block Casino Proposal from November Ballot

Property Rights Amendment Headed for Virginia Ballot

Mississippi Governor Sets Special Election for State Senate Seat


NAMI Condemns Statement That Obama Voters Should Check Into Mental Hospital

Guardsmen, Families Make Difference for Tennessee

It Takes Carolina Regulators to Question Progress Energy’s Use of Floridians’ Money

Why Is South Carolina Paying for a Consulting Firm?

Louisiana Regents Doubt Value of Their Studies

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South – Marriage, Capital Punishment, Private Prison

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas Stymied on ExecutionsVictim’s Family Prepares for 2nd Trial

Georgia Paroles Board Weighs Clemency for Man Facing Wednesday Execution


Law Allowing Quicker Marriages Boosts Applications on Mississippi’s Coast

Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic Saved, For Now

Letters of South Carolina Soldier Killed in Vietnam Come Home

Mississippi Waiter’s ‘Magical Moment’ Renews Race Relations

Arkansas Farmers Add Diversity to Gardens

Missouri’s Only Natural History Museum Threatened By Fire

Tennessee Mother Starts Suicide Prevention Petition


South Carolina Governor Vetoes Money to Expand Residential Schools

Louisiana Science Education Strategy Under Development

South Florida Teachers Compete for Jeopardy! Spot

University System of Georgia Hires as Other State Agencies Shed Jobs

Court Fight Over Louisiana Vouchers Not Over Yet

Leaders Defend North Carolina Aerospace Jobs

Maryland Groundwater Dated to More Than 2 Million Years Old


Arkansas Ranchers, Farmers Cope with Drought

EPA’s Missouri List of Impaired Water Bodies Released for Comment

FOX News Claims Pollution Good for the Environment

Kentucky Mine Inspectors Lax in Harlan

Governors Put Off Health Care Questions For Now

Scott: Medicaid Expansion Off the Table, Passes Massive Corporate Tax Cut

Missouri Governor Takes ‘No’ Position on Medicaid Expansion

6 More Cases of West Nile Virus Detected in Louisiana

Virginia Eliminating Backlog in AIDS Drug Program

Why Brown Babies Need Sunscreen Too


2 Plead Guilty in Mississippi Chemotherapy Fraud Case

Capital Murder Trial Starts in Arkansas

Suspected North Carolina Animal Abusers Plead Not Guilty

Authorities Reopen 2007 Fondling Complaint Against West Virginia Bishop

Missouri Highway Patrol Increase Niangua River Enforcement

Tennessee Child Welfare System Reforms Continue

Electrical Issues Found Where Boys Died at E. Tennessee Marina

Agency Names South Carolina Trooper Who Shot Motorist

Body Found in North Carolina Search for Missing Ohio Mom

2 Bodies Found During Search for Missouri Sisters

North Carolina Police Chief Hits Suspects with Car

Florida Officer Shot, Wounded in 6-Hour Standoff

3 Face Charges for Stolen FBI Guns in Hattiesburg

Louisiana Escapee Arrested in Maine

Kansas Battery Case Dismissed Against North Carolina Solider

North Carolina Group Honored as Nation’s First Black Marines


Building Costs Rise at U.S. Nuclear Sites

Microbreweries Thrive in Mississippi

E. Kentucky Company Hopes Beets Fuel Ethanol Project

Low Natural Gas Prices May Draw Industries to Louisiana

Starbucks Starts Manufacturing Facility Construction in Georgia

Louisiana Citizens Sets Annual Katrina-Rita Bond Assessment

South Florida Salvage Firms Respond to Sea Emergencies

Louisiana Auto Dealers Prohibited from Sunday Sales

Grant Will Help Alabama Businesses Export Products

Mississippi Helicopter Plant Provides Model for Alabama Airbus Plant in Mobile

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The Strange New Southern Politics: Court-Approved Biracial Accommodation

Florida Accesses Citizen Database for Voter Purge

Poker Plan Clears First Hurdle, Medical Marijuana Needs Additional Arkansas Signatures

North Carolina Beach Driving Ban Divides Critters, Residents

Georgia Voters Consider Penny Sales Tax for Roads

McDonnell: Virginia, Nation Would Do Better under Romney

Jindal Revamps GOP Image, May Be in Romney’s VP Mix

Lt. Governor Unaware When Jindal Leaves

North Carolina Losing Favor of Democrats

North Carolina Study Could Guide South Carolina Anti-Texting Legislation

South Carolina Stalls Georgia-South Carolina Bridge Progress

Tennessee Water Rights and Agenda 21 Corruption

Young Republicans Attempt to Increase North Carolina Turnout


A Good Week For Separation of Church and State

Alabama Judge Calls Private Prison a Debtor’s Prison, Extortion Racket

Louisiana Supreme Court Alters History

Arkansans Should Conserve Water

West Nile Virus Hits Central Louisiana in Worst Way

Troubling Prospects for North Carolina Dental Care

GOP’s Southern Strategy Gets a Makeover

Republicans and The Good Samaritan

Mississippi Revenue Collections Up, No Joy


Around the South: Abortion Clinic, Capital Punishment, Culture Wars

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


More Abortion Restrictions Anticipated in Mississippi

Abortion Outposts in Arkansas, Dakotas Wary of Mississippi Fight

Georgia Death Row Inmate Seeks Reprieve Due to Mental Disability

Missouri Prosecutors Stay Quiet on Death Penalty Study


E. Tennessee Hindi Community Supports Crash-Victim’s Family

Louisiana Child Abuse Hotline Praised

Lack of Government Subsidies Closing Some Mississippi Child-Care Centers

Lesbian Couple Ordered to Leave Kentucky Park after Kissing

Lesbian Demands Commitment Ceremony at Mississippi Museum

Animal Shelter Overwhelmed by Puppy Mill Adoptions

Arkansas Town Decides Not to Ban Pit Bulls

Alley Cat Allies Denounce Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Ameren Missouri Launches Campaign to Honor Everyday Heroes

Young Couple Buys Missouri Castle for $395K

Virginian, New Yorker Marry at World’s Most Expensive Pet Wedding

Blues Crawl in Southern Pines Set for 2-Day Celebration

Historic Arkansas Museum’s Barbie Doll Exhibit Begins

Georgia Mountain Festivals Offer Access to Countrified Culture


Are Virginia Schools Too Easy on Students?

Southeast Home School Expo Provides Activities for Children, Speakers for Parents

Louisiana Technology Footprint Provides Glimpse of Schools’ Digital Readiness

Tennessee Valley Schools Receive Free Weather Alerts


Voracious Ash-Boring Beetle Invades Virginia Forests

2 Florida Teens Attacked by Alligators in Less Than a Week

Oklahoma, Arkansas Fear Repeat of 2011 Drought

No Federal Aid for Georgians Hit by St. Mary’s River Flood

Endangered Birds Nest Along Arkansas River

Florida Woman Stuck in Watery Ditch for Three Days

Obamacare’s Southern Exposure: Reform is a Hard Sell in Kentucky

Lines Drawn in Florida over Opting Out of Medicaid Plan

‘Devastating’ Louisiana Medicaid Cuts Anticipated

Louisiana Group Petitions Jindal to Sign Obamacare

Mississippi Trial Over Obamacare Set for October

Missouri Governor Vetoes Measure on Birth Control

UAMS Opens Dental Education Center in Little Rock


Bank Executives Indicted in Virginia Bank Failure

Florida’s Drug Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Arkansas’ Expungement Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Florida Police Use Taser to Subdue Jaywalker

Accused of Stealing iPhone from Wreck, Louisiana Police Officer Resigns

2 South Carolina Men Arrested for Random Shootings, Held Without Bond

Georgia Girl, 15, Tells of Abuse, Being Locked in Chicken Coop

West Virginia Man Arraigned for Allegedly Torturing Wife for Several Years

Florida Teen Who Allegedly Killed Parents Before Hosting Party Vows ‘I’ll Get Out’ of Jail

Police Arrest Suspect in Rape of North Carolina Woman in Her Bronx Hotel Room

No Charges for Mother Abandoning Severely Disabled Daughter at Bar

Expert: Florida Teen Attacker Mentally Ill, Not Responsible

Georgia Woman Gets 3 Years for Botched Buttocks Injections

South Carolina Sheriff Denied Workers Comp after Shooting

Missouri Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Air Force Gets Earful over Guard Cuts


Ailing Florida Hotel Reopens as ‘Clothing Optional’ Resort

Georgia No Longer No. 1 in Foreclosures

LCD Flat-Screen Makers to Pay $571 Million for Price-Fixing

Shell OKs Halved Louisiana-to-Texas Crude Oil Pipeline

Georgia’s New Nuclear Power Plant Loan Unlikely to Close until Late 2012

Delays, Cost Increases at Nations New Nuclear Facilities

Georgia Starbucks Factory Jolts U.S. Manufacturing

Virginia Drops to Third Among Best States for Business

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Drone Fears Unite Virginia ACLU, Conservative Delegate

Florida Leads Nation with 10 Percent of Adults Not Allowed to Vote

Tennessee Voter ID Law Could Disenfranchise Thousands

350K Virginia Felons Without Voting Rights

House Version of Agriculture Bill Favors Arkansas Rice Farmers

Ramsey: Tennessee Gun Group Pushing Its Luck

Waltons Back Wet-Dry Issue on Northwest Arkansas Ballot

Missouri Governor Vetoes Liquor Bill

Olympic Uniform Issue Unites Arkansas Congressmen

New Tennessee Laws Target Synthetic Drugs

Louisiana Bicentennial Officials Confront Scheduling Challenges

Arkansas Lottery Raised Record $97 Million for State Scholarships in FY ’12

Arkansas Executives, Lawmakers on Romney Finance Team

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Caught in Alleged Lesbian Sex Scandal


Assault and Abuse Survivors Just Distractions in South Carolina

Animal Cruelty: Louisiana Truckstop Proud of Its Caged Tiger

The Importance of Virginia

Missouri Governor Should Use, Not Hoard, Political Capital

Culinary Carolina: ‘Meat and Three’ and So Much More

Tennessee Well Positioned in Global Economy

‘Beasts of a Southern Wild’ like a beautiful, quirky dream