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Around the South: Hydrofracking, Offshore Drilling, Missing Banker

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Monday mornin’ came without warnin’ but here’s what we find.

Louisiana Pushes Offshore Boundary

Gang Crime on Rise in Small Tennessee Cities

Hiassen: Florida Loses Another Ridiculous Legal Battle

Mississippi Abortion Case Head by GOP-Appointed Judge

Ex-Missouri Governor, Attorney Face Sentencing

Louisiana Phases In Common Core K-12 Curriculum

Changing Arkansas Weather Brings Lightning Fires

Southwest Virginia Continues Population Decline

Louisiana French: L’heritage at Risk

Agencies Seek to Preserve Mississippi Heritage

Missouri Pie Auctions for $3,100 in World Record Bid Attempt

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Feds: Georgia banker, $17 Million Missing

Jindal Defends Romney’s Offshore Investments

Ethics Reform Remains an Issue in Arkansas

Jackson County GOP Wants Romney Billboard in Democratic Convention City

Many Voters May Be Deterred by Tough ID Laws

Deja Vu: Order Extends Georgia Overseas’ Ballot Time


Nature Takes a Crack at Rebuilding Louisiana Marsh

As Mine Protections Fail, Black Lung Cases Surge

Southern Pine Beetle Outbreak Possible in Southwest Mississippi

Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up Well on Track But Pitfalls Remain

North Carolina Pretends Current Sea Level Rise Isn’t Happening

Drill to Test for Tennessee’s Earthquake Preparedness

South Carolina College Students Aim to Make 52 Apps a Year

Louisiana Loses Medicaid Funding in Quick-Fire Email Negotiations


Arkansas Ends Fiscal Year With Surplus

Hydrofracking Threatens Tennessee Water Supply

Here Is What Mississippi Really Looks Like

Georgia Debt Could Appear High Due to Pensions’ Accounting Changes

Florida’s Lauded, Let-Go Lifeguard

Andy Griffith Gave Us a Legacy of Small-Town Life

“And Not a Drop to Drink”


NORTH LITTLE ROCK — This morning we will rise early to participate in a march for Arkansas’ water. Why? The easy answer: once they’ve messed up air, food or water, it cannot be fixed.

As an Arkansan, I’ve been blessed with an incredible natural water supply. I thought everyone would get pure water in the 20th century … up until the time I moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 1995. I didn’t stay long, in part due to continually getting sick when the water was bad. Looking for a job took me through a couple of opportunities, including one selling water purifiers. At first I laughed, especially at the joke about “Evian,” the first bottled water, being so named due to folks being naive about the world’s water supply.

I didn’t laugh after seeing the tap water turn a murky yellowish-brown after the exhibitor conducted a purity test.

I’m back in Arkansas again, but now the question’s concerning hydrofracking and the resulting problems with our water supply (not even considering the possibility that the process is contributing to earthquakes in North Central Arkansas). Continue reading