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Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.
Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.
Prius in Meyers Flat, Calif.

100 mile commute to Monticello from Little Rock

$35 to fill the Prius before leaving (compared to $54 to fill the Chevy S10 two days ago)

55-58 mph on the interstate and state highway driving down

60.9 mpg for the trip … phuck MasterCard. 😉

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54.9; Hate Me if You Must

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Packed for camping
Packed for West Coast Trip, Summer 2006

This week I drove the Prius to Monticello for the last week of school. I’m glad I filled up because it made me remember I’d left my cell phone at the house. But I digress.

We bought the car a little over two years ago, and have already put over 65,000 miles on it. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m not planning to sell it anytime soon. Besides, that includes trips to Oregon and back on the West Coast, to Morehead, N.C. and back on the East Coast, to Orlando and back a few times and most recently, to Gulfport, Miss., to see my best man, Micah Hall, on his few days of leave before he went to Iraq.

So I’m thinking (as I tend to do when driving 100 miles one-way) about gas mileage as I finally make it out of NLR on the way to work Monday morning. I usually drive 74 on the interstate and 62 on the state highways. At those speeds, I get as little as 42 miles per gallon in the Prius, which still beats the 33 mpg the billboard boasts for a Hyundai.

But suddenly, for some unknown reason $3.50 per gallon of gas seems like a bargain. And I wondered: how much better gas mileage could I get by driving 62 on the interstate and 55 on the state highways?

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