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Loosing My Barbarian: Guns, Facebook and the Wearing Down of an Old Man

Aug24#30It’s been a hard weekend on the planet.

Feel like I’ve survived a 15-round bout. These days we don’t fight; we argue on the Internet.

Perhaps that’s civilization creeping up on us, i.e. we don’t “take people out” when we can just as easily — or perhaps more easily — destroy them through the Web. When heavy issues arrive, we’ve got passion in store, just waiting to be applied to the topic of the day.

I made the mistake of assuming I could talk about something as complicated as the Second Amendment in a social media forum, such as this one. What a dumbass, I am.

I lost a friend for a response. I made a spectacle for the spectators. I sounded like a banty rooster talking about things no one wants to discuss until it’s too late to discuss them again. I got offended; it’s kind of hard to offend me, but I got offended.

What am I doing putting myself in such situations? Who pissed in my Cheerios?

I complained that no matter the laws people want to institute, it wouldn’t have stopped what happened this weekend. I was too stupid to realize that no matter my complaints, it won’t change folks’ minds … and still wouldn’t have prevented this weekend’s atrocity.


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: Medicaid, Culture Wars, Second Amendment

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Florida Weapon Permits Near Record

Medicaid: Arkansas Board of Health Endorses Expansion | GOP Legislators Want to Delay Arkansas Decision | Florida Pharmacists Sue for Access | Fewer Cheaters Caught Than Expected in North Carolina | 2 Million North Carolina Adults to Benefit


Power Restoration Begins in Georgia

Gay Eagle Scout Told to Pack, Leave

Florida Lt. Governor Apologizes About Lesbian Remark

ABC Praised Dixie Chicks’ Free Speech, Slams Chick-Fil-A for ‘Firestorm’

Can a Chick-Fil-A Meal Make a Political Statement?

South Carolina Court Agrees Native American Child Should Return

Ruling Could Change Maryland’s Concealed-Carry Law

Killing America’s Telecom Utilities

Abandoned in Tennessee Bar, Illinois Teen Heads Home

Pastor: Why We Severed Ties with the Southern Baptist Convention


Alabama Education Association Vows Legal Fight over Birmingham Layoffs

Vouching for Failure in Louisiana Schools

Florida School Lunches to Feature Fruit, Vegetables

School Districts Show Significant Improvement on 2012 Tennessee Assessments

Georgians Return to School, New Common Core Standards


Southern University Officer Resigns Following Assault Arrest

Professors: Rethink Closing the Missouri Press

Governor’s Higher Education Panel Discusses Florida Reforms

Higher Education Invests in Tennesseeans

DREAM Act Invests in Maryland’s Future


Riders Meet Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers

Fort Benning Soldiers Excited to Defend Olympic Medals

South Carolina Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

101st Airborne Soldiers to Test Female-Specific Body Armor

Army Reserve Builds Bridges by Moonlight


Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Ola, Arkansas

Drop Diminishes ‘Mighty Mississippi,’ Puts Heat on Congress

Drought Plagues Tennessee Farmers

Drought Expands, Missouri Announces More Help for Farmers

Tennessee Aquarium Cares for Nursery Full of Tiny Turtles

Police Catch Large Crocodile Roaming Florida Neighborhood

Florida Archers Ready for Season’s Opening


AIDS Epidemic Rages in Deep South

AIDS Research Renews Hope for ‘Functional Cure’

8 More Die from Maryland Heatwave

2 Kentucky Mothers Give Faces to Campaign Against Pill Abuse

Missouri Receives $13 Million Health Care Grant


Vouchers for Creationism in Louisiana?

Gulf Coast Research Day Features Cancer Causes, Trends, Success Stories

NOAA Ship Leaves Pascagoula on 300th Research Cruise

Tennessee Teachers Attend Summer Science Camp

Accelerate Arkansas Pushes Knowledge-Based Economy


Bypassing College Dreams: A Different Road to Work

Northshore Officials Look to Keep Southeast Louisiana Hospital Open

Regulators Question State Farm’s 57% Rate Hike for Florida Landlords

Watchdog Group: Reconsider Approval of Duke-Progress Merger

Southern Community Fires Top Executives Prior to Bank Merger

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

Report: ALEC Funds Florida Lawmakers

Louisiana Legislators Solicit Corporate Cash to Attend ALEC Utah Meeting

Arkansas House Passes Anti-Regulation Bill

Alabama Asks Court to Back Redistricting Plan

Nixon Adds $5 Million to Help Missouri Farmers with Wells

Louisiana Senators Oppose New Chemical Plant Security Regulations

Forestry Commission Requests More Money, Firefighters for Arkansas Agency

Birmingham Pastors’ Petitions Object to Alabama Public Television’s History Series

Crossing the Line Between Concern, Bigotry


ALEC Under Fire

Secretary of State Knocks Mississippi Voter ID Critique

Louisiana Election Officials Dispute National Report

Probe of Bogus Ballot-Question Signatures Interests Arkansas Secretary of State

Early Voting in Tennessee Marks New Record

Missouri Candidate Reveals More Billboard Aid

Georgia Voters to Decide on Jobs, Future


Eastern Kentucky Man Challenges Hate Crime Law

Arkansan Convicted in Police Officer’s Murder

Mississippi High Court Tosses Family’s Suit against Jackson

Arkansas Jury Frees West Memphis Investigator in Witness Tampering Case

Grand Jury Indicts 8 in Alleged Eastern Arkansas Heroin Ring

Doctor Impersonator Charged in Florida Buttocks-Injection Death

Convenience Store Clerk Charged with Taking Virginian’s Lottery Winnings

Cost-Saving Measures Make Minimal Impact in Kentucky Prisons

3 Arkansas Teens Accused of Murdering Alaskan Teen Face Adult Charges

Death Penalty Possible in Louisiana Case

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: AIDS/HIV, Second Amendment, Evacuation

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the Cape Fear Blues Festival and Halfway Jam this weekend, or visit the ongoing Appalachian Summer Festival, Brevard Music Festival, FolkmootUSA and Wintergreen Summer Music Festival.

Now on to the news:

The South Faces HIV/AIDS Crisis

Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Arkansas Town

Beer Truck Flips on Maryland Interstate


Florida Gun Shops Witness Sales Spike

Maryland Set to Relax Concealed Carry Rules

4-Year-Old Virginian Shoots, Kills Self

Civil Rights Pioneer, Professor Dies at 96

SPLC Threatens Lawsuit if Mississippi Museum Refuses to End Gay Ceremony Ban

Equality Florida Launches National Online Petition Seeking Lt. Governor’s Apology

Tennessee Police Sue over Pay Disparity

9-year-old Alabama Girl Drowns Saving Younger Brother

Gardener, Bee Lover Launches Virginia’s ‘Protect Pollinator’ License Plate

Missouri Woman Must Deport Herself


Voucher Schools Face Louisiana Teachers’ Union Lawsuit Threat

States Seek to Improve Education Without NCLB

Poll: Georgians Support Casino Gambling to Fund Education

North Carolina Adds CPR to Graduation Requirements

Plans Would Make High School Second-Largest in Alabama


Dear Aurora, Tragedy Won’t Define You. — Virginia Tech

Kentucky Student Arrested for Emailing Picture of The Joker

Louisiana College President Will Not Follow Federal Birth-Control Provision

Mississippi College Faces Lawsuit over Alleged Inadequate Training

Georgia Tech Builds State’s First Carbon-Neutral Laboratory


Returning Virginia Soldier Surprises Daughter

Two Central Florida Soldiers Die in Afghanistan

Missouri Honors First Female Soldier Killed in Iraq

Soldier Endured Slur from Sergeant Charged in Death

Hearing Sets Schedule in Virginia Veterans’ Hospital Murder Case


Mercury Emissions Drop in North Carolina

Emerald Ash Borer Threatens Missouri Trees

Coalition Recommends Conservation Land Purchases for Gulf Restoration

Lionfish Invasion Could Threaten Gulf Ecology

Hog Farm Restitution Payments Benefits North Carolina Wetlands Reserve

Arkansas Drought Intensifies

Mississippi River Leaving Memphis Sandbars


Planned Parenthood’s Federal Grant More Than Triples Denied North Carolina Funds

Georgia Southern to Host Fall Conference on Rural HIV

Accused Hepatitis-C Transmitter Worked in Maryland

Kentucky Group Wants to Outlaw Smoking in Businesses

North Carolina Embarks on Adult Care Home Plan


Despite Resident Concerns, Key West Board May Release Genetically Modified Mosquitos

How to Rebuild the Mississippi Delta

3 Mississippi Universities Land Energy-Efficiency Grants

NASA’s Space-Launch System Passes Review, Design Next

Google Launches Fiber Net, Fiber TV in Kansas City


Louisiana Lands $550 Million Methanol Plant, 130 Jobs

Business Rebounds at Virginia Ports

Work-force Trainees Face West Virginian Drug Tests

Defense Cuts Could Cost North Alabama Jobs

Laid-off Kentucky Workers Study Benefit Fairs

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

States Ask Congress to Allow Internet Sales Tax Increase

Maryland House Speaker Expects Special Session for Gambling

Gaming Executive Alleges ‘Sleazy’ Process in Maryland

Justice Rejects Deal to become Louisiana Supreme Court Chief in Five Years

Village Offers Free Water to Fight Missouri Grass Fires

State Financial Crisis ‘Battle Is Not Over’ — Alabama Chief Justice

Virginia’s Pension Bomb Keeps Ticking

One Week Til Louisiana Allows Benefit Corporations


Missouri Candidate Raffles Assault Rifle in Fundraiser

Election Technology Helps Florida — When Its Used

Report: Flaws Found in South Carolina Voting Systems

Officials Claim National Report Overlooks Louisiana’s Election Safeguards

Voter Participation Center Fights Virginia Suppression Efforts

Illegal Immigration Referendum in Maryland Makes Strange Bedfellows

NAACP Joins Tea Party in Opposition to Atlanta Sales Tax Boost


Florida Prison Vendor Agrees to Hefty Pennsylvania Fine

Maryland Receives Grant to Help Monitor Sex Offenders

Alabama Gambling Trial Judge Wants Bribery Clarity

Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Louisiana Nonprofit

Former Tennessee Trooper Pleads Guilty in Sex Case

Missouri Man Made Previous Threats Prior to Wife’s Disappearance

9-year-old Boy Beats Infants at Vicksburg Day Care

Teen Accused in Jonesboro Fatal Shooting

6 Charged in North Carolina Meth Ring

Floridian Fatally Shoots Door-to-Door Salesman

"Needs Coffee"
by Tattau

Lawyers, Guns and Money?

"Needs Coffee" by Tattau

“Needs Coffee”
by Tattau

NORTH LITTLE ROCK — If you didn’t notice the hubbub following the Arizona shootings, you must live in a cave (Hello Mr. bin Laden!). [No, really Mr. NSA/DOJ/FBI/CIA … I meant that as a joke! Really!!] I digress.

Hank Williams Jr. reminds me the shyt will hit the fan whenever discussing this but I cannot help myself. I’ll only pause for a little shameless self-promotion:


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And now back to the regularly scheduled programming …

Walking into the living room before they brought Leroy home, I immediately noticed my shotguns laying across the chair. Someone went diggin’ to get those out. I saw them last when they went into the gun case as I had no place to keep them in an apartment upon returning to Arkansas.

We grew up in a small arsenal. Dad kept weapons from the bedroom to the bookshelf. Before he installed a security system and bought a gun safe, he would meticulously scan every inch of the house before leaving, checking every window latch, every door lock, every hideaway.

I thought it odd until the day the .38 came up missing.

Continue reading

Good Times with Assault Weapons

Perpetual Notions
by Ronald Sitton

Sharpshooters set up targets at 200 yards at Camp Robinson's shooting range.

Sharpshooters set up targets at 200 yards at Camp Robinson

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 4) — During Spring Break, I took the pleasure of spending an afternoon shooting assault weapons with old friends. Seeing how I seldom do this anymore, it made an impression on me.

I called Micah, hoping to figure out something to do since I was stuck in procrastination nation doing little but updating Web pages and loading old photos onto “crack-book.” Micah told me he wanted to shoot his M-4 variant, which he recently built with Poguey’s assistance. I haven’t been target shooting in nearly 15 years, but Micah said he could get us on Camp Robinson to shoot.

It’s been over a decade since I have driven around on the base that sits behind Burns Park. Since then, they’ve restricted access to the base, especially since 9-11. I thought it’d be interesting to see it at least, plus I know there’s no better way to catch up with my brothers-by-other-mothers than to engage in one of their favorite hobbies. Continue reading