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Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: Trayvon, Mosque, Chick-Fil-A, Boy Scouts

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Zimmerman Claims He Did Not Pursue Trayvon

Tennessee Mosque Won’t be Ready by Ramadan

Chick-Fil-A Against Gay Marriage? ‘Guilty’


Boy Scouts Expel Eagle Scout for Being Gay

Uniformed Servicemen March in Gay Pride Parade

Protestant Churches Lose Membership with Approval of Same-Sex Marriages

ACLU: ‘Activist’ Virginia AG Abuses Power in Rejecting Abortion Clinic Regulations

Best Small Towns in U.S.? Kentucky Claims 2

North Carolina’s Sterilization Victim Foundation Reopens Doors, Needs Funding

Missouri Dog Breeder Shut Down

Southern Pines Animal Shelter Issues Ultimatum to Mississippi Counties


Mississippi Schools Seek $320 Million Budget Increase

Tennessee Recommends Improvements to Statewide Teacher Evaluation System

Mixed Results for Efforts to Ban Books in Missouri

South Carolina Drops No Child Left Behind

Mississippi Granted No Child Left Behind Waiver


The Single Most Important Experiment in Higher Education

5 Ways States, Schools Try to Make College Affordable

Florida Schools Must Identify Complaining Students

Louisiana’s Higher Education Cuts May Go Deeper

Alabama Congressman ‘Shocked’: People on TSA No-Fly List Can Attend Flight School


Drought Sends ‘Mighty’ Mississippi River Levels Near Record Lows

Worst Drought Area Spreads in Arkansas

Missouri American Water Co. Increases Impoundment Capacity

Experimental Turtle Surgery Performed in North Carolina

Turtles Escape Captivity, Make Beeline for Nearby Pond

Mississippi Urged to Increase Sea Trout Limit

Missouri Deer Nearly Depleted in Early 1900s


Gold Nanoparticles, Tea Extract Destroy Prostate Cancer Tumors

Study: Older U.S. Women More Likely to Drink While Pregnant

Egg Allergy Cured by Eating Eggs (Don’t Try This at Home)

Whooping Cough Cases Increase in Florida

South Carolina Boy Killed by Rare Brain Infection


Alabama Salt-Marsh Study Suggests Mitigation of Deepwater Horizon Oil Impact

Funding Cut Hurts Undersea Lab Off Florida Keys

North Carolina Man Struck by Lightning 3rd Time, Survives

Apple Pursues Minor Expansion at North Carolina Data Center

Northern Virginia’s 911 Outages Draw FCC Attention


Ousted CEO: Duke Energy Looked for Merger Exits

Georgia Gulf to Merge with PPG Unit in $2 Billion Deal

Ohio Company Purchases Little Rock TV Stations

Alabama Auto Production Rises 19 Percent at Mid-Year Mark

True South Classic Brings Business to Mississippi

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Homeland Security Database Search for Illegal Florida Voters Against November Deadline

Tennessee Lawmakers Say Missing Word in Health Care Law Gives States an Out

South Carolina Restores Funding for Arts, Teachers, Rape Crisis Centers

Poll: Virginia Wants Arizona-Style Immigration Law

Fired Public Television Director Claims Alabama Commission Violated Open Meetings Act

North Carolina Congressmen Want to Keep Military Spending on NASCAR

Bentley, Alabama GOP Leaders Tout Savings

Kentucky Spent $1.29 Billion in Economic Incentives over Last Decade

Deal: Georgia 400 Tolls to End

Proposal to Ban Arkansas Duck Blinds Draws Criticism


Arkansas’ Severance Tax Proponents Given More Time to Collect Signatures


Mississippi Court Orders New Trial in Silica Case

Maryland Law Enforcement Officers Resume DNA Collection

Billy the Exterminator, Wife Enter Not Guilty Pleas to Drug Charges in Louisiana Court

New Orleans’ Councilman Pleads Guilty in Fund Inquiry

Georgia Woman Arrested for Explosives, Freed on Bond

Louisiana Man Indicted in Two Murders

Authorities Place Alabama Bar Shooting Spree Suspect on Suicide Watch

Georgia Man Accused of Killing Dog, Beating Wife with It

Virginia Grand Jury Indicts Military Contractor

Veteran’s Affairs to Open Outpatient Clinic in Southern Maryland


Gays Worry O’Malley Gambles with Marriage Equality

We Need Principled Discussion on Abortion

Mississippi Case Will Undermine Support for Capital Punishment

Dave Ramsey: Student Loan Debt Killing Relationships?

College is an Engine of Inequality

Louisiana: The Land of the Cursed Rapper

Bayou Blues: Clash in the Louisiana Supreme Court

Maryland Mistreats Prison Inmates

What’s Next for Health Care?

Romney Revives Southern Strategy

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Around the South: DNA Collection, Trayvon, Mosque, ‘Skeeters’

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court: Maryland DNA Sample Collection Can Temporarily Resume

Zimmerman ‘Sorry’ for Trayvon Shooting, Prays for His Parents

Lawyers: Judge Rules in Favor of Tennessee Mosque

Mutant Mosquito Plan Angers Florida Residents


Miss Teen South Carolina Tebows after Winning, Sets Twitter Aflutter

Equality Florida, Freedom Democrats’ Letter Campaign Targets Miami Mayor

Adult Men Brutally Beat Lesbian Kentucky Teen

Mississippi Gay Couple Fears for Safety after Homophobic Vandalism on Home

Gay Louisiana Dad Devastated after Ex- Walks Away with Son

South Carolina Insurance Firms Back WWII Veterans’ Flight with $50,000

Florida Man Abandons $50,000 Boat, Mysteriously Disappears

South Carolina Falls Further Behind on Child Support Issues

Website Rates Alabama Among Nation’s Worst for Retirees

Tennessee State Parks Lift Temporary Ban on Backcountry Campfires

Kentucky UFO Abductions Inspire Staged ‘High Strangeness’

Brooklyn 8-Year-Olds Need $5,000 to Get to Georgia for Championship Game

Realty Company Provides Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Homemade Tomato Soup: In Judy’s Kitchen


Louisiana Delta Receives STEP Grant

Report: Tennessee Teacher Observation Scores Inflated

Maryland Dream Act Supporters Launch Campaign to Uphold Law

University of Central Florida Scientists Discover Earth-Sized Planet

Dolphin Deaths Investigated by Southern Miss Marine Science Researchers

Evangelical Scientists Debate Evolution Online with Southern Baptist Seminary Professors

University of Virginia Sparks Debate with Online Education Initiative

University of Arkansas Studies Potential Retail Loss from Mobile Point of Sale

Georgia Tech Joins Nation’s Top Colleges for Free Online Courses

New University of Missouri Press Director Defends Makeover

Former Georgia Tech Student Fined for Changing Grades


WARNING: Stay Off Mississippi River Sandbars

Rising Waters Threaten North Carolina Coast

Louisiana to Receive $23.8 Million for Hurricane Recovery

Best in Louisiana: Hebert Water System Wins First Place Again

Environment Virginia Warns Legislation Threatens National Parks

America Leads World in Cutting CO2 Emissions, but Awkward for Politicians to Discuss

TV Spots Encourage Virginians to Save Energy

Deaths: Prescription Drugs > Heroin + Cocaine + LSD Combined

Health-Care Advocates Cheer Use of Maryland Alcohol Tax

West Nile Virus in Horses Concerns Louisiana Agriculture-Forestry Commissioner

Massive Roadside Tree Topples, Kills Northern Virginia Man


Louisiana Exonerees Sue for Civil Rights’ Violations

Mississippi Death Row Inmate’s Appeal Denied by Federal Panel

9 Jurors Seated in Arkansas Capital Murder Trial

Maryland Moves to Lessen Marijuana Possession Penalties

Jury Acquits Man in Fatal Murray State Dorm Fire

Slur Preceded Alabama Rampage — Witness

Suspect in Ohio Mom’s Murder Subject of North Carolina, Ohio Manhunts

Police Seek Florida Link in Massachusetts Cold Case

Georgia Man Charged in Sex Attacks at Suburban Hotel Pool

Tennessee Appeals Court: Man Convicted in Wife’s Murder Entitled to $200,000 Life-Insurance Policy

Kentucky Couple Accused of Homicide

3 Charged with Illegally Possessing Elk Antlers in North Carolina

Tennessee Pastor Arrested for Including ‘Seven-Day Adventist’ in Church Name

Carolina Firefighters to Ride for Fallen

Tornadoes, Derecho Provide Whirlwind Start for MEMA Director

Federal, Kentucky Authorities Seek Fugitive ex-Army Ranger


Drought Hits Mississippi River’s Barge Companies

Missouri Offers Incentives to Small Businesses That Add Employees

Southern Company Brings Largest U.S. Biomass Power Plant on Line

Georgia Power Wraps Up Audit of Ailing Light System

Louisiana Energy Customers Can Expect Refunds Soon

Bank Partners with Southern Maryland Food Bank to Fight Local Hunger

Virginia Stands to Lose 207,571 Jobs if Federal Budget Cuts Occur

Small North Carolina Town Seeks Post-Textile Turnaround

Drought Declared Disaster, SBA Loans Available: Kentucky | Alabama

USDA Designates 97 Missouri Counties as Primary Natural Disasters

Missouri Farmers Worried Federal Farm Bill Won’t Supply Much Support

Georgia Peach Deal Ends Early, Stronger Markets Expected

Virginian Public-Private Partnership to Build Roads with Tolls for 73 Years

Regulators to Quiz CEO Ousted in Utility Takeover

Pew Study: Alabama Payday Loans User Fees Above National Average

Proposed Missouri Horse Slaughterhouse Mired in Lawsuits, Fraud Claims

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State Budget Crisis: Rivlin Stresses Need for Intergovernmental Relations

Federal Judge Rejects States Challenge to Obamacare Contraceptive Coverage

Beebe: Three-fourths Vote of Arkansas Legislature Needed to Expand Medicaid

Beebe, GOP Disagree on Medicaid Expansion Impact

DHS: Arkansas’ Savings Would Exceed Medicaid Expansion Costs (UPDATE)

Arkansas Says Expansion Saves $372 Million: Breaking Down the Numbers

Tennessee Holds First Hearing on Affordable Care Act Benefits

Missouri Slow in Creating Health Insurance Exchange

Georgia’s Top Public Heath Official Against Medicaid Expansion

Governor Creates Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange

Mississippi Abortion Clinic Potentially on Brink of Closing

Virginia’s Abortion Ruling Sparks Outcry

Democrats Boycott Virginia’s Congressional Delegation Meeting

Louisiana GOP ‘Beating a Dead Horse’ with Drilling Moratorium Report Hearing

Florida Voter is a Two-Time Zombie

Florida to Get Access to Homeland Security’s Citizenship List

Study: South Carolina Voters Face Difficulties Getting IDs

Low Turnout: Some North Carolina Polling Places Unused

North Carolina House Primaries Lean to Right

North Carolina Republican Party Files IRS Complaint Against Critics

South Carolina Senate Overturns Haley Veto, Sends $10 Million to Commerce

Texan Challenges Rejection of Arkansas Casino Amendment

Regional Arkansas Airport Receives $2.3 Million in DOT Funds for Improvements

Volunteers Sought for Mississippi Utility’s ‘Odor Assessment’ Program

South Carolina’s Haley Calls Domestic Violence Centers ‘Special Interests’

Tennessee GOP Groups Attack GOP Governor

North Carolina House Speaker Advises Representative to Resign after Indictment

Atlanta Mayor Predicts Victory for Georgia Transportation Tax

Louisiana Democratic Party Tour Stops in Monroe

Arkansas’ Green Party Congressional Nominee Too Young to Serve

South Carolina: Up for Grabs?

First Lady Meets Young Alabama Tornado Victims

Obama’s Edge with Florida’s Seniors, Hispanics

Democrats: Close Race Ahead in Florida

Jindal Stumps for Romney in Ohio, No Mention of Veepstakes

Obama Camp Plays Detective Hunting for Foreclosed Florida Voters

Urban League: Black Turnout Could be Key in 2012


Chicken Nuggets and Family Values

Mississippi Abortion Law Threatens Reproductive Rights, Democratic Unity

North Carolina Politician Commits a Happy Fracking Blunder

Missouri Must Expand Medicaid

Taking the Good with the Bad

GOP Vision for North Carolina Pushing State Backwards

Ban BPA Beyond Baby Bottles, Cups

Journalist Never Forgot Mississippi Roots


Around the South: Abortion Clinic, Culture Wars, Clemency Request

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Judge Allows Only Mississippi Abortion Clinic to Stay Open

3 Men Receive 5 Years for Videotaped Beating of Gay Man in Atlanta

Zimmerman Claims Judge Biased, Wants Him Replaced

Georgia Death Row Inmate Seeks Reprieve Due to Mental Disability


Tennessee Man Charged $85,000 for Tank of Gas

Missouri Man Still Working at 90

Oxford American Locks Out Employees at Campus Office

Woman Appeals to Reopen Alabama Abortion Clinic

Louisiana Child Abuse Hotline Logged More Than 114,000 Calls in First Year

LGBT Studies Program Stirs Controversy at University of Louisiana

Historic, Deteriorating Mississippi Bridge Blocked for Crossing

Southern Made: For the Bath


Education Group: Let Feds Take Back Georgia’s ‘Race to the Top’ Millions

Tennessee Senate to Hold Hearings on Grade Changes Made at Tennessee State University

Louisiana Voucher Scheme Fails to Attract Many Students

Mississippi State Hires Beekeeping Expert

Tennessee Law Boosts Science Standards

Most Louisiana Schools Need Technology Upgrade

Navy Doctor Fined for Letting His Children Handle Brain


Trade Dries Up Along with Mississippi River

Feds, Judge Give Everglades a Boost

Drought Stress on Tennessee Trees Deeper Than is Evident

Texas, Southern States Soaked by Storms

Federal Disaster Aid Likely Available to Parts of Central Virginia

Million Member Coalition Forms Behind Renewable Energy Agenda

Official: Georgia Holds Off on Medicaid Changes

Louisiana Cuts Medicaid Program to the Bone

Florida Health Officials Deny Cover-up in Tuberculosis Outbreak

6 More Cases of West Nile Virus Detected in Louisiana

Mississippi Insurance Chief to Build Health Exchange Despite Critics

Florida Hospital Starts Lung Transplant Program


Plot to Kill Obama Results in 15 Years in Federal Prison

Ex-Death Row Inmate Avoids Arkansas’ Death Penalty

South Carolina Sniper Plot: Men Arrested for Shooting at Random Citizens

West Virginia Woman Denies Abuse Charges Against Husband

Arkansas Inmates Treated for Drinking Bleach

Florida Supreme Court Upholds State’s Drug Laws

Judge in Alabama Halts Private Probation

Judge Overturns Louisiana Town’s Fortunetelling Ban

Prosecutor: Florida Teen Attacker Not Insane

Ex-Adoptive Tennessee Mother Must Pay Child Support

Georgia Man Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges in Alabama

Suspect in Arkansas Death Killed at Same Home

Missouri Correctional Officer Charged in Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Man Sucks Woman’s Toe at Georgia Walmart

Church Bus Crashes in Georgia with Minor Injuries

Flying Truck Parts Kill Boy on Atlanta Highway

North Carolina Authorities Suspend Search for Ohio Woman


Regulators Close Small Missouri Bank

Southeast Arkansas Gets 4-lane U.S. 65 after 24 Years

Georgia Power Warns of Bill Payment Scam

Louisiana Day Cares Violating Wage Laws

Tennessee Economy Among Most Improved in Annual CNBC Survey

Florida’s Business-Friendly Cred Marred by Tax Giveaways

Starbucks Breaks Ground for Georgia Plant

North Carolina Seeks Additional Data in Duke Energy Probe

Sweet Louisiana Oil Premium Widens to Largest Margin Since April

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Arkansas’ Medical Marijuana Issue Needs Additional Signatures to Make Ballot

Drought Threatens to Darken Obama’s Reelection Prospects

Florida Voters Support Obama’s Immigration Policy

Presidential Politics Dominate Governors’ Conference

Medicaid Expansion Divides Governors Meeting

Mississippi Senators Sponsor Stolen Valor Act

Georgia Lawmakers Consider Lowering Alcohol Limit for Boaters

Virginia Governor: IRS Will Wield More Power Over Citizens

Georgia Lobbyist Influence Fought by Tea Party-Progressive Alliance

NRA Spends to Affect Tennessee House election

NRA Finds Some GOP Lawmakers Resistant to Gun Laws

Missouri Governor Signs Changes to Election Laws

Tennessee Ranks Among Highest States for Felon Disenfranchisement

Estimated 350,000 Virginia Felons Cannot Vote

Yellow Light Times Getting Standardized Across Missouri

Florida Voters May Get Say on Big, New Casinos


Florida Takes Prudent Path After Health Care Ruling

Florida Should Not Opt Out

Carolina on My Mind — Even Way Up in Nantucket

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Around the South: Medicaid, Medical Marijuana, Trayvon Update

A late night slowed these, but perhaps you can catch them with brunch!

UPDATE: Accused Trayvon Martin Killer Leaves Jail

Georgia Bank Goes Under

STUDY: Uninsured in Southern States Should Benefit Most in Medicaid Expansion

Smokies Shift Focus from Rescue to Reopening

Gay Rights Leader Uses Southern Roots to Push Message

Arkansas Aims for Best Interstate System by 2020

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Backers Submit Petitions

Walgreens Acquires Arkansas-Based USA Drugs

Seventeen Vows to Celebrate Every Kind of Beauty

Campaign Ads Flood into Swing States for Summertime Blitz

Former Southern Miss President Retires


Tennessee Urges Voluntary Water Conservation

Restored Chesapeake Bay Possible in Virginia


Onward Southern Soldiers