President/Editor In Chief
Glynn R. Wilson

Secretary/Managing Editor
Ronald Sitton

Treasurer/Assistant Managing Editor
Robert Hess

Associate Editors
Carole Ashkinaze, Brooks Boliek

Contributing Editors
Tim Beany, Maury Breecher, Don Schanche, Linton Weeks

Contributing Writers
Melissa Bienvenu, Rick Bragg, Ted Bryant, Paul Hemphill,
Jack Neely, Love Rutledge, Sean Lovelace, Donovan Webster

Contributing Artists/Photographers
Christopher Bookout, Spider Martin, Kay Newton

Copy Editor
Jennifer Whitson

Web Design
WilSit Web Weavers, G2 Designs

Board of Advisors
Bobby Jones, Mark Miller, Tamara Miller, Ed Mullins, Roger K. Newman,
Mike Odom, William Stewert, Sam Wallace, Nancy Worley

Advertising Representatives

Know anyone who can fill any of these shoes? Please let us know.

Open, Alabama, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Arkansas, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Florida, mail@southerner.net, Open, Georgia, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Kentucky, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Maryland, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Mississippi, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, North Carolina, mail@southerner.net,> (000-000-0000)
Open, South Carolina, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Ramsey Collins, Tennessee, mail@southerner.net, 423-670-0907
Open, Texas, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Virginia, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, Washington, D.C., mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)
Open, West Virginia, mail@southerner.net, (000-000-0000)

The Southerner, Corp.
UT Box 8820
Knoxville, TN 37996
(423) 637-4864

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