Editorial Calender


Cover Story: The New South Rises Again: Several southern journalists explore what Don Siegelman's election as Governor of Alabama means to the new,New South.

Space Closing: March 8
Materials Closing: March 12
Publication Date: March 15


Cover Story: Davy Crockett may have been a frontiersman who died at the Alamo, but his genes live on in Dave Crockett of Chattanooga, whose leadership is making that city a beacon for the New South. Knoxville, on the other hand, suffers from the worst of the region's suburban sprawl, and bad air to boot.

Space Closing: April 8
Materials Closing: April 12
Publication Date: April 15


Fiction Issue: The winners of The Southerner's fiction contest. Travel Guide: Hot weekend trips in the Sunbelt, and making it across the South for $500 or less.

Space Closing: May 8
Materials Closing: May 12
Publication Date: May 15


Cover Story: Bamboozled in the Bible Belt: Is legalized gambling taking over the South? We take on all forms in all states.

Space Closing: August 8
Materials Closing: August 12
Publication Date: August 15

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