The Numbers

The latest national survey from the Pew Research Center shows 41 percent of Americans are turning to computers for news, information and entertainment, up from 23 percent in 1996. The numbers are even higher and growing among the young, higher educated, and upper income brackets, although according to the Pew survey, the Internet is going mainstream. More women, those without college training, and those with modest incomes are also getting online. And they are buying. Even before the 1998 Christmas rush, 32 percent of Internet users said they made at least one online purchase, up from 8 percent in 1995.

Of those who go online, 41 percent say they turn to the Internet to get more information on stories first seen in traditional media. Instead of getting news from newspapers or TV, 21 percent say they read news stories online. People turn to news websites for convenience, the ability to search for news on a particular topic, and to get information not available elsewhere. The number who turn to the net for political news is now estimated at 11 million, up from 7 million in 1996, and 34 percent of those said information on the net influenced their vote in '98.

Reader Exposure

Upon the The Southerner's launch of the April issue, we will alert the media and the public through press releases to newspapers and magazines across the country, as well as select multi-media and broadcast news outlets.

Due to the innovative nature of The Southernerin both content and design, it is likely we will receive substantial news media coverage. Therefore, you should consider advertising with us now before rates go up. Charter advertisers will also lock in start-up advertising rates for the duration of their contracts.

We will announce the magazine's launch on Internet discussion lists, and the magazine will be registered with all major Internet search engines. We will also have a meta-tag strategy second to none. As a writer's market for fiction and nonfiction, we will receive word-of-mouth exposure through college and university writing programs, and not just in the South. We expect as much readership in New York and Washington as the South itself, and to tap into the global interest in this region, its music and other verities of Southern culture. We expect fiction contests, photo contests, and other promotions to bring millions of readers to our content and YOUR advertising.

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