Willie Morris Special Tribute Issue

We have some of the best writers in the country writing for this one about Willie Morris, the Mississippi writer who helped take Southern writing national to Harper's Magazine in the 1960s.

Space Closing: Sept. 15
Materials Closing: Sept. 25
Publication Date: Sept. 28

Fall Issue

Cover Story: DuPont wants to strip mine the Okefenokee Swamp.

Space Closing: Oct.20 1
Materials Closing: Oct. 25
Publication Date: Nov. 1

Winter Issue

By late January 2,000, we will be ready to announce the awards in the Robert Penn Warren Prize for Fiction. The plan is to publish a special fiction issue in February or early March.

Space Closing: Feb. 15
Materials Closing: Feb. 20
Publication Date: March 1

Editor's Note: We hope to begin monthly publication by the spring or summer of 2,000.

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