Spring 2002 Contents - A MAGAZINE ONLINE - Vol. 3, No. 1
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In Passing
Populist Gould Beech dies at 87.
Dixie Notes
Late breaking news from the region.
Around the South
Easy guide to festivals, many with links.
Reader Forum
Tell us what you think about anything Southern.
Editor's Column
Bridging the Digital Divide


A Poetry Special

Gambling in the Arkansas Valley
Suzi Parker
Hayes Photo
Hayes Williams: R.I.P.
David Rae Morris
He walked haltingly out of the federal courthouse and into the arms of his daughter and his niece. Although Hayes Williams later admitted to an almost overwhelming fear, he still carried himself with a poise not unlike that of Nelson Mandela.

Me and Jess, Talkin' Trash
Phillip Ratliff
Life Was Just Ducky in Marginal —
Until the Buzzards Barged In

Kathryn Gurkin

Thank You, Thank You Very Much:
A Virtual Short Story

Help us write the book on the first communiqué
from extraterrestrial life. What is Elvis doing . . .
in outerspace?   (Rules  |  Story)

Secret Vistas
A Winter Walk
Sharon Tabor Warren
A winter walk is a delightful experience in our part of the country because it breaks the routine during a time of year when we tend to let ourselves become housebound. Winter air is invigorating, still, cool, and the trails are deserted. The views are open with no leaves to obscure.
Seeming Presidential
Brooks Boliek
Searching for that Something 'Southern'
Mary Carmichael
Southern Culture
Sweet Tea, Sweet Jesus
Amy Jo Wood
The Fowl of the South
Angela Gillaspie
Bar & Grill
Scomburgers in Paradise
Marcus A. Nevacoff
Book Review
Steven Hart
Lab & Field
A Sinking Feeling in New Orleans
Glynn Wilson
Oil Spill Doesn't Stop Orange Fest Good Times
Glynn Wilson and Denise Guay
Southern Sounds
A Glimpse of Southern CD Releases
Michael B. Smith

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