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Editor's Note
Thanksgiving's upon us.
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Around the South
What's going on around here?
Cover Story:

The Okefenokee

A Reprieve for the Okefenokee?
David R. Osier

DuPont Looting and Plundering:
An Okefenokee Cartoon

Sam Rawls

Flag-Waving in the Palmetto State
Barry Martin

"Two Talks: Many Moons of Weeping,"
an excerpt from Tehano, a novel.

Allen Wier

Thank You, Thank You Very Much:
A Virtual Short Story

Help us write the book on the first communiqué
from extraterrestrial life. What is Elvis doing . . .
in outerspace?   (Rules  |  Story)
Slippery South
John Brummett
Bottom Line
Family Farm Drought
Julie Gause
Secret Vistas
On Monarch's Wings
Glynn Wilson
Fishing Rock Creek
Andre Bergeron
Southern Culture
Beale St. Culture Blues
Ron Sitton
Dixie Notes
Briefs From Around the South
Lab & Field
Walking the Bog
David R. Osier
Eco Front
Environmental Briefs
SEJ Tipsheet
R & R
Southern Belles Tackle Football
We take our football seriously in the South. Some people refer to it as a religion, but how many churches hold a congregation of 100,000 plus? We decided to find out just what football means to Southern women. The following essays depict love and disdain, but a respect for the social institution of the game that has led some to divide the year into the season, spring football and the offseason.
Kristal Kuykendall
Love and Football
Love Rutledge
Politics of Pigskin
Karin Beuerlein
Thrill of the Game
Angela Gillaspie
Player Image

Bar & Grill
Off the French Quarter
Lee Dresselhaus
Jonny Moeller 3 at Sassy's
Ron Sitton
Neely Tries Chitlins
Jack Neely
In Passing
Celestine Sibley
Carole Ashkinaze
Daisy Bates
Staff Report
Southern Sounds
Holiday Tunes
Ron Sitton
Visiting Natchez
David R. Mark

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