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Ron Sitton
Good Tunes for the Holidays
Reviews by Ron Sitton

The holidays approach as does the Fire Sale, when I cull my discs for Christmas cash. It hurts sometimes, but it makes me annually evaluate the music I have. I don't see any traders in this group — they're going to be stuck in my CD player for awhile. If you're clueless about Christmas gifts, give the gift of music. Any of the following would make a great stocking stuffer for your Southern music fan.

Ratings Wow! Find this disc!!
Sounds good to me! Worth the extra cash
Some kewl stuff here ... Ducks sound better
Panic review
Widespread Panic
"'Til the Medicine Takes"
Cray review
Robert Cray
"Take Your Shoes Off"
Pickett review
Wilson Pickett
"It's Harder Now"
(Bullseye Blues & Jazz)
Qualls review
Henry Qualls
"Blues from Elmo, Texas"
(Dallas Blues Society)
Boogeymen review
"Sister Blue"
DBS review
Delicious Blues Stew
"Stewed Alive"
Mosby review
Sharon Mosby
"I Can Handle That"
SPR review
Sweet Pea's Revenge

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