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Include 3rd Party Candidates!


MONTICELLO — We believe knowledge gives power to the American voter. Therefore, we find it necessary to ask for that which should already be freely given in this 21st Century.

Whereas we are the free citizens of the United States,

Whereas we elect our president through the ballot instead of the bullet,

Whereas we can show the world democracy still exists in our Republic,

Let us therefore DEMAND all presidential candidates appearing on two-thirds of the United States ballots be available for voter inspection by including them in ALL televised debates.

If you agree, please sign the petition.


Around the South: Hunger Strike, Drought, Chick-Fil-A, Sex Offenders

Drought: Arkansas’ ‘Famed’ Cattle Industry Decimated | Missouri Still ‘Exceptional’ | Wet July Good for Mississippi Farmers | Mississippi River Low Mark Concerns Shippers

North Carolina Prison Hunger Strike Continues

‘Adults’ Instigate Kids Beating Missouri Lesbian


Chick-Fil-A Controversy: Alabama | Arkansas | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | Missouri | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee | Virginia | West Virginia

Poll: Maryland Voters Back Pro Gay Marriage Law

Underage Tobacco Sales Continue to Fall

Groups Demand Police Brutality Probe in West Virginia

Louisiana Emergency Workers Prepare for Hurricane Threat

Zimmerman Judge Will Not Step Down

Louisiana Sex Offenders Must Post Criminal Status on Social Network Profiles

Chihuahua Leads Searchers to 2 Lost Georgia Girls

Bull Damages Deputy’s Patrol Car

Louisiana Tech Mascot Dead, Worker Cover-up


North Carolina Hits 80% Graduation Rate

Alabama Seeks No Child Left Behind Waiver

South Carolina Students Make Education Gains

North Carolina Board of Education Considers Expanding Charter Schools

U.S. DOE Provides Advance-Placement Test Fees for Low-Income West Virginia Students


Better Student Preparation Needed for University Maths

The College-Cost Calamity

Data Questioned in Forbes Rankings

‘Frackedemia’ Led By Industry Insider | Gas Drilling Research Lacks Funds

Alabama University Finds New Threat to Gulf Fisheries from BP Oil Spill


Congress Passes Military Funeral Restrictions

House Bill to Help Families Sick from Camp LeJeune’s Water Contamination

Alabama National Guard Participates in Military Exchange with Germans, Brits

Army Sergeant Returns from Afghanistan to Family’s Delight

Defense Budget Sequester Would Affect the Tar Heel State


Loggers, Suppliers Threaten Louisiana Cypress Groves

Coal Wins, Earth Loses

Ameren Seeks Coal Ash Landfill in Missouri

North Carolina Agency Offers Input on Alcoa’s PCB Plan

Florida AG Questions BP Oil Settlement

North Carolina Sea-Level Bill to Become Law


Pregnant Woman Injured in Ambulance Accident Awarded $117 Million

Missouri Lifts Cap on Pain Awards for Medical Malpractice

Maryland Woman Recovers after Arrow Injury to Head

Tuberculosis Cases Increase in Alabama

Leave Mississippi for Hawaii, CDC Sort of Says


Extreme Weather and Climate Change: Caution Required but Not Reckless Statements

Additional Support for ‘God Particle’

Only 2 of 9 Virginia Tornado Sirens Work

Arkansas Telecommunications Firm Lays Off Nearly 400 in Management

Tennessee Technology Center Boasts 82% Job Placement


Nissan Workers Seek Fair Shake in Mississippi Plant

Court Dismisses ABF Freight Lawsuit Against Teamsters

Maryland Makes Jobs Headway

Mississippi Court Denies Southern Co. Interim Coal-Unit Hike Rate

West Virginia Housing Program Revived by Gas Industry

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

Unemployed South Carolinians Sent Postcards to Haley

PSC Considers Allowing West Virginia Aluminum Plant to Return to Ohio Power

State Supreme Court Denies Mississippi Power Petition

Kentucky Driver’s Licenses Receive Security Overhaul

Georgia Awards $100 Million for Water Projects

Ex-Alabama Governor’s Lawyer Pushes for Halt to Prison Sentence

Democrats Skip Kentucky’s Top Political Event

Tennessee Representative Regrets Forwarding Email Rumor of Obama Enacting Martial Law

Small Returns for Florida’s State Pension

Alabama Public TV COO Resigns in Wake of Top APT Executives’ Firings


Tennessee Candidates Engage in Anti-Islam Contest | Voters Head to Polls

Thousands of Florida’s Ex-Felons May Not Know They Can Vote

Federal Judge Takes West Virginian PAC Free-Speech Suit Under Advisement

Maryland Groups Go to Court to Halt Redistricting Referendum

Virginia Garners Attention as Battleground State

What the Georgia Vote Means for Future of Transportation


Handcuffed Arkansas Man Shot, Killed in Police Car; Called Suicide

Mississippi Man Declared Dead Faces Death Penalty for 2 Killings

Security Breach at Tennessee Nuclear Complex

Florida Killer to Meet Police in Massachusetts Cold Case

Prosecutors Charge Maryland’s ‘Joker’

Missouri Priest Pleads Guilty in Child Pornography Case

Long-time Missouri Teacher Admits Sexual Contact with Girls

Virginia Figure Skating Coach Gets Prison for Child Porn

Woman Runs Babysitting Service While Living with Sex-Offender Boyfriend

Crimes Against Elderly Increase in Tennessee

Man Pours Bleach into Dialysis Machine Water at South Carolina Clinic