Transitioning into Fall

Photo 5MONTICELLO — Stepping into the humid heat around these parts produces an immediate wilting effect on the body. When it’s 93 degrees at 8:30 p.m., everybody’s miserable.

Fourteen-hour days make the body tired, unwilling to brave much of that nonsense. The body craves air conditioning. The mind looks forward to cool fall nights and moderate days.

School starts back over the next few weeks. Preparation for that operation started a week ago. Now only a mad dash to be prepared before students arrive.

Thus, gentle reader, a lack of posts. Trying to incorporate those into the day, but suddenly they trail updating syllabi, revamping the entire student publication process and ensuring transportation to mandated destinations … and back.

Expect the news links throughout the fall as soon as semester’s prep finishes. It just takes a little longer to get back in the groove after skipping around the turntable.

The music still plays — perhaps to a hip-hop beat? Skip-skip-skip … BAM!

You will be returned shortly to regularly scheduled programming.



Around the South: Right to Pray, Mosque Opens, 12 of Toxic 20

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

ACLU Challenges ‘Right to Pray’ Vote

Mosque Overcomes Hurdles, Opens

‘Toxic 20’ Air Pollution Rankings: Alabama, 14th | Florida, 6th | Georgia, 9th | Kentucky, 1st | Maryland, 19th | Mississippi, 17th | Missouri, 15th | North Carolina, 8th | South Carolina, 13th | Tennessee, 11th | Virginia, 12th | West Virginia, 5th


Drought: Challenges U.S. Clean Water Supply | Jeopardizes Georgia Pines | Worsens in Key Farm States | Low Mississippi River Halts Steamboat

This Week in the Civil War

Christian Appalachian Project Founder Dies

Burned Mosque Congregants to Hold Ramadan Service at Missouri Church

Agriculture Museum Repeals Anti-Gay Policy, Upsets Mississippi Politicians

National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Takes on Maryland’s Gambling

Prosecutors Mistakenly Release Confidential Zimmerman Case Documents

Virginia Gang Member Sentenced to Prison for Teen Sex Trafficking

Teen South Carolinian Fulfills Grandfather’s Dying Wish

Georgia Cop Shoots Pit Bull Attacking Toddler


75% of Alabama Schools Make Adequate Progress

Georgia ‘Leaders’ Duck Duty to Fund Education

Academic Standards Change in Mississippi Schools

Louisiana Education Chief Withholds Voucher Records ‘to Avoid Confusion’

Teacher’s Body Found Near North Carolina Middle School


College Tuition Hike Hits Decade Low in Virginia

Missouri S&T Breaks Ground on Solar Home

Group Protests New Georgia University Name

2-Year College Chancellor Pool Narrows to 8 in Alabama

Missing Louisiana College Student Positively Identified


Veterans Receive Alabama Legislature’s Medal of Honor

39 Tennessee Guard Members Head to Afghanistan

Texarkana to Dedicate Bridge for 2 Fallen Soldiers

Anti-War Protestors Face More Charges in Weapons-Plant Breach

Vets Want Greater Oversight of Arkansas Dept. of Veterans Affairs


Campaign Seeks Ballot Issue to Protect Floridian Environmental Treasures

American Crocodiles Hatch, Thrive at South Carolinian Nuclear Power Plant

Law Removes Missouri Family’s Pet Raccoon

Sludge Reaches Far Western North Carolina Creek

Drilling Appeal Ends, Decision Nears for Mississippi Development Authority

Alabama Power Plants Release Fewer Toxins in 2010

North Carolina Agencies Agree on Narrow Emissions Exemption


Georgia’s Medical Programs Overspent Nearly $100 Million

West Virginia Plans Audit of Health Care Programs

Parents Urged to Apply for Subsidized Health Insurance for Floridian Children

West Virginian Anti-Obesity Mascot Getting Around the Nation

Fair Officials Make Changes in North Carolina after ’11 E. Coli Outbreak


Louisiana Probes Cause of Massive Bayou Sinkhole

NASA’s ‘Green’ Planetary Test Lander Crashes in Florida

Perseid Meteor Shower to Light Up Georgia’s Night Sky

Missourians Can File Claims in LCD Price-Fixing Settlement

Virginia Deputy Fights Termination over Facebook ‘Like’ | South Carolina Officer Sues for Reinstatement after Facebook Post


Virginia Farmers Stage Pitchfork Protest over Produce Sales, Birthday Party Permit Flap

Police Charge 2 in West Virginia Picket-Line Violence

CareSouth Expansion in Florida Means More Jobs in Georgia

West Virginia Lost 1,300 Coal Jobs in 2nd Quarter

Maryland Foreclosures Highest in America

Maryland Dairy Farmers Scoop Up Sweet Source of Income

Virginia Cafe Chain to Continue the Sweet Life

Fewer Floridians Take Food Stamps

Poll: D.C., West Virginia at Extremes of Economic Confidence

Florida Strip Clubs Expect Busy RNC Week

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

Georgia AG to Speak at GOP National Convention

Maryland Panel Passes Gambling Bill

Regulators Review How to Help Poor Missouri Customers

South Carolina Faces Likely Suit, Loss over Increased Health Costs

Federal Cuts, Transportation Woes Threaten Maryland’s Budget

I-555 Completed in Northeast Arkansas, Awaits Access Roads for Naming

Maryland Senator Suggests Gun Training, Off-Limits Locations

Arkansas AG Sues Florida Telemarketers

Solar Tax Credit Price Tag Exceeds Louisiana Estimates

Missouri Prosecutor Seeks to Remove County Clerk for Nepotism


Secretary of State Spokesman’s Partisan Claims Rile Arkansas’ County Clerks

Federal Judge Blocks West Virginia PAC Contribution Limit

Florida Election-Law Challenge Receives Hearing

Board of Elections Finds 10,000 Dead Virginians on Voter Rolls

Florida Voter Purge Battle Intensifies

West Virginia Election Officials Ask Federal Courts to Delay Ruling on Public Finance Project

Gubernatorial Candidates Agree to 2 More North Carolina Debates

5 Missouri Primary Races Likely Eligible for Recount

Politifact Florida Checks Recent Campaign Attacks

Sharp County (Arkansas) Alcohol Sales Make November Ballot


Around the South: Face-Chewing, Foam Parties, Pregnancy Policy

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Florida Face-Chewing Victim Provides Details to Police

Georgia City Cracks Down on ‘Foam Parties’

Best States to Live in 2032: Alabama, 44th | Arkansas, 46th | Florida, 45th | Maryland, 10th | Mississippi, 49th | Virginia, 6th | West Virginia, 50th


Drought: Continues to Worsen in Arkansas | Kentucky Counties Added to Disaster List | Spring-fed Rivers Offer Best Floating

OA Editor Fired Following Harassment Allegation

Georgia County Selling Confiscated Guns

North Carolina AG: New DNA Law Works

Judge Urged to Stop Florida Privatization of Prison Health Care

North Carolina Poverty Tour Groups Hold Weekend Summit

Jury Convicts Kentucky Mom of Getting High While Baby Died in Hot Car

Tennessee Woman Accuses Physician Husband of Poisoning Coffee with Barium

Grand Jury Considers Charging Mom Who Abandoned 19-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

FAA Investigates Plane Landing at Wrong West Virginia Airport


Louisiana School Changes Pregnancy Policy

Charter School Debate Ramps up in Georgia

Kentucky Graduation Rates Climb Slightly

West Virginia Board of Education Wants Fact Checker

Teacher to Serve 90 Days for Sex with 17-Year-Old Kentucky Student


Arkansas Colleges Named Great Places to Work

Kentucky, Texas Top College Ranking in $4.6 Billion Licensing Industry

New Georgia University Missing Integral Part of Name

High Court May Hear Virginia Tech Case

Former Maryland Student Found Guilty of Rampage Threats


North Carolina Marine Killed in Afghanistan

Air Force Cuts Indicate Service ‘Slowing Going Out of Business’

Graham: Military Cuts ‘Will be Death Blow’ to U.S. Defense

South Carolina GOP Leaders: Budget Cuts Could be Devastating

Arkansan Named Army National Guard NCO of the Year


Is Local Food More Eco-Friendly?

Natural Resources Defense Council Tabs North Carolina as ‘Toxic’

Environmentalists Seek Florida Funding Amendment

‘Extinct’ Native Alabama Snail Rediscovered on Cahaba River

Natural Gas Areas Cover Most of Southern Maryland

Mississippi Development Authority Erred in Issuing Offshore Natural Gas Drilling Permit

Louisiana Sinkhole Roils Natural Gas Network


Chicken Salad Sickens 350 Arkansas Inmates

Study: Fathers Can Affect Baby’s Health at Birth

2 Die from West Nile Virus in Louisiana

Teen Allegedly Impersonating Physician’s Assistant Blames Florida Hospital

Kentucky Police Work to Reduce School-Bus Related Crashes


North Carolina Eugenics Victims, Advocates Face Uncertainty

Investigators Work to Verify Missing Body That of Louisiana College Student

Florida Nuclear Plant Hosts Crocodile Hatching

University of Georgia Research Shows Cats Spend Nights Killing Small Animals

West Virginia Education Technology Conference Available Online


AT&T Reaches Tentative Agreement with Southern Workers; Others Strike

West Virginia Hand-Crafted Breweries Growing

Nuclear Reactor License Delayed in Missouri

Coal-Power Plant Back Online after Missouri Fire

West Virginia City Seeks Economic Revitalization

South Carolina’s Biggest Homegrown Bank Buying Savannah Lender

Ex-Arkansas Insurance Company Head Indicted

Maryland Mortgages Among the Nation’s Biggest

Economic Freedom: A Moral Imperative for Arkansas

A Tale of Two Employment Surveys

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

City Admits Ordinance Discriminating Against Mississippi Church Violates Federal Law

McDonnell: Virginia Did Not Seek Welfare Waivers

National Health-Care Brawl Spawns Missouri Sideshow

Judge Postpones Deadline Decision for Bankrupt Alabama County

Georgia Not as Fiscally Constrained as Many States

Ex-Alabama Public Television Executive’s Lawsuit May Proceed — Judge

Tennessee Democratic Party Disavows Conspiracy Theorist Candidate

Lawmakers Wade Through Gambling Bill on Eve of Maryland’s Special Session

Alabama AG: Illegal Gambling Raids Should Serve Notice

Senator Saves Missouri Woman from DREAM Act Nightmare


Mississippi Election System Ranks Near Bottom Nationally

Arkansas Mayors Facing Recalls

Tea Party Win in Missouri Primary Sets Up Battle for Senate Control

Several Missouri Lawmakers Fall in Primary

Ex-Official Pleads Guilty in West Virginia Vote Probe

Judge Dismisses Lawsuits Aimed at Floridian Justice Candidates

Florida Voters Weigh Whether to Pay for Religious Schooling

Latino Vote Likely Undercounted in North Carolina — Report

Florida Market Draws Candidates Like Bees to Honey

What Do Voters Want?


Around the South: Citizens United, Power Strains, ‘Bad’ Town Names

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

North Little Rock Considers Citizens United Vote

Electricity Uptick Strains Aging U.S. Power Grid

‘Most Unfortunate Town Names’: Toad Suck, Ark. – 1st | Climax, Ga. – 2nd


Immigrant Studies: Florida | Georgia

Arkansas 1 of ‘Faltering 4’ in Human Trafficking Laws

Tennessee Mosque to Open Friday

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Favors Same-Sex Vows

Track Reopens after North Carolina Train Derailment

Maryland Grants Fund Future Bicycle Trail

Arkansas Bridges Holding Up Comparatively Well

Florida Home Steals More than $1 Million in Refunds

Bank May Foreclose on Historic West Virginia Course

Hearing Set in Florida’s Taliban-Terror Financing Case


ACLU Targets Louisiana Anti-Pregnancy Rule

SPLC Accuses Florida School Districts of Discrimination

Jeb Bush Provides Examples to Mississippi for Education Changes

West Virginia’s School Breakfast, Lunch Program Receives National Attention

Louisiana Schools Set to Become Christian Church Subsidiaries


Report Uncovers Problems with Tennessee Higher Education

Virginia Program to Help Troubled New Mexico Schools

University of Southern Mississippi Investigates Dolphin Deaths

Board Names Augusta School ‘Georgia Regents University’ after Consolidation

Judge Delays Trial in Alabama Campus Shootings


U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Reach 1,941

Company Once Known as Blackwater Settles Arms Case

Georgia Could Lose 28,000 Jobs to Defense Cuts

14th Arkansas Infantry Organized in 1861, Saw Action in Three States

USS Abraham Lincoln Arrives at New Virginia Homeport


Waterspout Confirmed over Southern Maryland

Southern Leaders Fiddle While Coasts Threatened with Drowning

North Carolinian Writes Book on How to Protect Coastal Homes

Plaintiffs Seek to Amend Savannah River Complaints

A Way to Protect Florida’s Treasures


Pill Mill Proving to be a Problem in West Virginia

More East Tennessee Seniors Getting Addicted to Prescription Drugs

More Arkansas Mothers Giving Birth at Home

South Florida Treatment and Training Network Targets Blacks for HIV, AIDS Prevention

West Nile Virus Cases Increasing in Louisiana


North Carolina Woman Identified 20 Years after Death in Virginia

Kittycam Catches Cats Preying on Georgia Wildlife

Video Released of 2011 Fatal Arkansas Officer Shooting

Yearbooks from 51 North Carolina Colleges, Universities Archived Online

Arkansas, Google Partner To Offer Free Websites For Small Businesses


West Virginia Aluminum Plant Workers Strike

Maryland Workplace Injuries Cost Public Hundreds of Millions — Report

Small Arkansas Banks Feel Consolidation Pressures

Mississippi State Port Expansion Plans Scrutinized

SEC Regulators Request Clarity from Walmart

Investigating North Carolina Regulator Opens Duke Energy Data

Mississippi Power Fires Contractors Building New Power Plant

Bank May Foreclose on Historic West Virginia Golf Course

Florida Estate Sells for $47 Million

Developers Duel over Missouri Malls

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

Mississippi Looks to Protect Intellectual Property

Puppy Mill Raids May Lead to North Carolina Breeding Regulations

Medicaid Costs Top Worries of West Virginia, 21 Other States

Details of Maryland’s Gambling Bill Released

Virginia’s Taxing Bottom Line on Tolls

Florida Faces 13 Lawsuits over Foggy Interstate 75 Crashes

Alabama General Fund Not Stable, Storm Clouds Ahead

Florida AG, Lawmakers Disagree over Foreclosure Settlement Funds

Auditor to Garnish Wages of Mississippi Mayor

Kentucky Commission Made to Pay Plaintiffs Attorneys Fees in Redistricting Challenge


‘Right to Pray’ Amendment Easily Wins in Missouri

New Georgia City Emerges by Narrow Margin

Missouri Lt. Governor Fends off Challenger

Maryland Rolls Out Online Voter Registration

Constitution Party Candidate’s Ballot Petitions Draw Virginia Election Board Scrutiny

No Time for New Tennessee Democratic Primary

Alabama GOP Won’t Remove Candidates

McCaskill to Face Preferred Tea Party Opponent

American Politicians Received Money from Bank that Did Business with Iran

Not Allowed to Vote: Children May Donate Maximum Amount to Campaigns


Watch Your ‘hood

MONTICELLO — You wouldn’t think this would be a topic to discuss in the South.

People once sat on front porches waving at everyone coming up and down the street. People once knew not only everyone on their block, but likely on the entire street and more than a score in the community. Southern life isn’t like that anymore.

So it’s a good thing to get outdoors on National Night Out. You might even enjoy an evenin’ breeze.

And if you happen to run into a police officer, give a wave. Get to know his or her name. Let ’em know where you live and that you appreciate the efforts to deter crime. A teaspoon of prevention is worth a pound of enforcement.


Around the South: Mosques, Sikhs, Church Apology, Nat’l Night Out

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Second Fire in a Month Destroys Missouri Mosque | Tennessee Mosque Undergoes Final Inspection

Temple Gunman Linked to North Carolina, ‘White Power’ Music | Maryland Music Label Removes Gunman’s Music

Sikhs No Stranger to Violence Recently | Kentucky Victim Leaves Grieving Indian Family | Sad but Safe in D.C. | North Carolinians Worried, Seek Understanding | Mississippians Pray for Gunman | Arkansans Pray for Victims | Floridians Remember with Prayer | Shooting Hits Home for Georgians | Alabaman Prays for Peace | Tennesseans Strive to Educate | Maryland Members React | West Virginia Orders Flags Lowered


Mississippi Church Apologizes to Black Couple for Banning Wedding

Leaders: Calvinism Should Not Divide Southern Baptist Convention

National Night Out: Alabama | Arkansas | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Missouri | North Carolina | South Carolina | Tennessee | Virginia | West Virginia

Drought: Poses Risk to Arkansas Fish Population | Kentucky Can Help Farmers Find Livestock Forage | NRCS Announces Financial Assistance for Drought-Hit Arkansas Producers

Maryland Catholics to Push Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Married Couple in Kentucky Files Joint Bankruptcy

Appeals Court Upholds Hate-Crime Conviction

Arkansas Continues Inquiry into Handcuffed Mississippi Man’s ‘Suicide’

Police: Ohio Boys, 13, Drove Stolen Car from Ohio to Missouri

Guards Replaced after Tennessee Nuclear Facility Breach

Federal Penalties for Illegal Firearm Use in Arkansas


Maryland Student Lands Perfect ACT Score

Louisiana School Expels Girls Who Refuse Pregnancy Tests or Test Positive

Voucher Program Allows Louisiana Students to Enroll in Creationist-Teaching Schools

Finalists Interview for Top Missouri Teacher Award

Arkansas Teacher Sows Real Estate, Farmland Investments


Higher Education and Student Loans: Victims and Victors

University of Maryland Student to Plead Guilty in Online Rampage Threat

Virginia Tech Receives Rolls Royce Engine for New Engineering Building

Mississippi State Helps Starkville Police Go High-Tech with Drones

West Virginia University Named Top Party School


Former Virginia Sailor Sentenced in Death of Navy Superior

More National Guardsmen, Reservists Deactivated — DOD

Pentagon: No Base Closures in 2013

Virginia Cemetery for Alabama Civil War Dead to be Dedicated

Boozman Law Expands Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment for Veterans


Soybean-Sucking Kudzu Bugs Reach Mississippi

Rice Expo Draws Large Crowd, Arkansas Governor

West Virginia Land Trust Works to Conserve Properties Forever

Penguin Chicks Born in Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Man Wins Idaho’s Bighorn Sheep Lottery


West Nile Virus Proving Deadly in Louisiana

Feds Scrutinize Heart Procedures in Florida

‘Cave Man Diet’ Blogger Giving Advice Ignores State’s: Get a License

Organ Donor Affiliates in Kentucky Raise Awareness of Growing Problem

Alabama Child Restraint Law Not Obeyed, Needs Updating


Arkansas Grows Moon Trees

Virginia Considers ‘Payment’ to Eugenics Victims

Mississippi Bite Expert Now Says Analysis Not Reliable

Alabama Schools Chief Urged to Pull Plug on Channel 1

Kentucky State Police Producing Documentary Series


A West Virginia Strike and the New Labor Reality

Alabama Firm Wins NASA Contract Worth up to $51 Million

Florida Construction on Verge of Comeback

Shale Gas Boom Lifts West Virginia Jobs

Small Arkansas Banks Feel Consolidation Pressures

East Alabama Businesses Receive Grants from Governor

Will Gay Marriage Controversy Hurt Chick-Fil-A’s Expansion Plans?

West Virginia Summit Focuses on Energy Issues, Policies

Arkansas Places Conditions on Entergy’s Move to Midwest Power Grid

Expensive Closing Costs: Florida, 4th | D.C., 10th | Alabama, 40th | Arkansas, 45th | Mississippi, 46th | Missouri, 50th

Chamber of Commerce Demeans Missouri Constitution in Support of Damage Caps

POLITICS For additional regional political coverage, visit our sister site: The Locust Fork News-Journal (TOP)

Maryland Considers Overturning Pit-Bull Ruling

North Carolina Lawmaker Plans to Propose Puppy-Mill Legislation

Florida: A Bellwether for Medicaid Expansion

Florida AG Battles Legislature over Mortgage Settlement

Florida Regulators Dispute Auto Insurance Savings

West Virginia Agencies Brace for 7.5% Budget Cut

Internet Gaming Not in Maryland’s Gambling Mix

Conservative Groups in South Carolina Feel Betrayed by Haley

Southern Republicans Make North Carolina Stand

Planned Parenthood Equates to ‘Murder for Hire’ — North Carolina Republican


Missouri Votes on ‘Right to Pray’ Amendment

Virginia Won’t Further Probe Charges of Illegal Voter Registration

Fulton County Reports 23,300% Turnout in One Precinct

Election Board Seeks Probe of Virginia Petitions

Courts Hold Key to West Virginia Election Issues

Labor Backs Roy Moore in Alabama’s Chief Justice Race

Failure to Disqualify Senate Nominee Lies with Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman

Keep Alabama Working Campaigns for Sept. 18 Amendment

Race: Simmering Issue in Florida Battleground

On the Road in Florida: Hard Times, Politics and Smoked Bat

Tough choices on which card to give to the wife ... and the consequences of that choice.

Summer’s Not Quite over Yet

Tough choices on which card to give to the wife … and the consequences of that choice. (From the Sitton archives)

MONTICELLO — Although my wife may contend differently, summer is still in session.

Granted after my finally falling into bed at 4 a.m. following an ongoing website reorganization, she can be forgiven for assuming I’m back to full-time work mode. I’m not.

Just letting you know links will not be posted today as I prep for the fall semester. Don’t despair. I plan to continue posting them through the semester to give students things to consider about the region where they were born, and where many of them will die.

Honestly, I considered trying to gather and post links anyway, but I — too — must clean a house on occasion, especially since we plan to have company to play canasta tonight. Who can argue with a night of cards?

Leroy Sitton reads his newspaper, with the top just low enough to see the flat-screen TV on the wall. I'll always remember dad this way.

Show Your Support of The Southerner Journal

Leroy Sitton reads his newspaper, with the top just low enough to see the flat-screen TV on the wall. I’ll always remember dad this way.

MONTICELLO — If you haven’t noticed, this blog represents a labor of love about a region we’ve inhabited the majority of our lives.

Sure, you see blog ads on the side and we may get pennies on the dollar if you click through them. You can contribute directly through PayPal, which makes the best way to support investigative journalism.

But what if you don’t have any money to spare? So what can you do to help, patient reader?

You’ll notice the “Around the South” section features someone reading a newspaper. We show this as a tribute to all of those years folks got their “facts” from trusted newsprint. Some still do, though many are going digital.

If you’d like to appear in The Southerner Journal on your birthday, send us a picture of you reading a newspaper. Better yet, make a pic of you next to a computer screen, iPad or cellphone with The Southerner Journal. Send the photo, your name and birth date to sitron45 at gmail dot com (making sure to write it like an email address) with the subject heading: Southerner Read.

We’ll do our best to use your picture on your birthday if it arrives in time. Just another way of saying THANKS! for continuing to come back for an Independent take on the South in the 21st century.

"Aluminated Sitron" by Alice Guffey Miller

Progress on The Southerner Journal

“Aluminated Sitron” by Alice Guffey Miller

MONTICELLO — If you haven’t been around recently, you may notice changes to The Southerner Journal.

“Around the South” attempts to provide semi-daily links to issues affecting the South, i.e. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Texas A&M may be in the SEC, but I consider it west, not South. Tonight I went back through the “Around the South” headlines and updated each with three-to-four daily points for folks to take away; none of the aggregated headline links changed. In addition to highlighting important issues of the day, it will help in easy retrieval for the editor.

As you can imagine, a lot of time passes sorting news links from each state; I’m averaging three hours-plus a day, which must cut down once the fall semester begins. I’ve removed the Public Safety section under the idea that most people will get their crime news from local and national spots, leaving regional coverage best suited for the major safety issues like capital punishment and defense. I’ve also deferred from making daily reports on the Arkansas Razorbacks after finding others doing a better job elsewhere. I cannot say I won’t blog on the Hogs; I can say it will be sporadic, again due to time constraints.

Election years find me using a lot of material for class. When appropriate, I will link here, e.g. info about candidates’ similarities to your political views and the petition to include Third-Party Candidates in TV Debates.

Do you like the polls? Do you like the changes? Suggestions for improvement?

I’m trying to make better use of my Internet time such that I don’t spend 14-hour days on the computer … like today. So it’s time for a break.